Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zogby Poll: Blackwell closes to within single digits

News flash: Zogby poll shows Blackwell closing to within 7 points of Strickland. From Mr. Blackwell's campaign:

COLUMBUS Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell has closed within single digits of his opponent in the last week of the campaign. The Wall Street Journal Zogby Interactive Poll today shows the race has narrowed to 7.5 points with Blackwell receiving 43.3 percent and Congressman Ted Strickland receiving 50.8 percent. The poll was conducted from Oct. 23 - 27 and has a 3.7 percent margin of error. Previous surveys have shown Strickland with a double-digit lead.

The Blackwell campaign attributed the gap-closing poll to increased voter awareness and an emerging re-energized Republican base. Over the past several weeks, Republican grassroots voter contact efforts have reached several hundred thousand Republican and Independent voters. In addition, the campaign yesterday launched a major television advertising effort featuring national hero and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

"We are campaigning door-to-door and neighbor-to-neighbor in the last weeks of the campaign and seeing great results," Blackwell campaign chair Lara Mastin said. "The polls are closing because Ken Blackwell's solutions to our state's education, health care and economic challenges offer a positive change of direction for Ohio families."

"We have the ground forces, resources and message necessary to take Ken Blackwell to victory on Nov. 7," Mastin added. Zogby International, one of the nation's most historically accurate polling firms, touts its interactive poll as the "wave of the future in survey research." In the 2004 presidential election, the survey accurately predicted the winner in 85 percent of the states that it polled within 4 points on average. In 2005, the poll accurately predicted the results of both the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial contests, with poll results within 2.5 points on average.

I don't put a lot of stock in polls. I never took statistics in college, so I don't pretend to understand this stuff. I gotta believe, however, that these are rarely accurate simply because of media bias. Zogby may be different. Who knows? We'll find out in a week.

Kerry, the Straw Man

From White Trash Republican, comes this ever-so-accurate portrait of John Kerry. The only thing missing is the foot in the mouth.

Dude...Project much?What I want to know is WHY anyone is paying any attention to this shiftless, useless sack of skin and crap?(Pssst...John, I wouldn't be doing any "fact finding" tours of Iraq any time soon. Just saying.

Afterall, our boys in the military are just a bunch of dumb, uneducated brutes...anything could happen.)

UPDATE: Now with song! (my deepest apologies to the Harburg & Arlen
families, a parodist, I ain't.)

I appear before the cameras,
the media goes bananas
My brilliance leaves them stunned.
I tell the kids to get some learning
And they'll make a better earning
Than some E2 in Iraq.

Our army's full dumb brutes
An unwashed mob of galoots
Dropouts by the score
Better stay in school and work hard,
Or you'll end up like those bastards
quiremired down in Iraq.

Oh I just don't know why
People hate me like they do
I was only saying things that are really true.
The army's full
of pinhead fools.

An learned life is really sumpin'
Mass riches insteada nuthin'-
Depending who you wed.
You can disparage your country's bravest
And then say they are the lamest-
And sleep cozy in your own bed!


I truly hope he runs for president again in '08. If that's all the moonbats have to offer, it'll be like shootin' fish in a barrel.

Monday, October 30, 2006

News Flash: Bush Signs Fence Bill, but it's already being built

From YouTube, video of Colin Hanna's appearance on Hannity & Colmes. Mr. Hanna is President of Let Freedom Ring and WeNeedAFence.com, a group of Patriots who are already building a fence with private funds. Another group of Patriots, with similar intent, are building the Minutemen Border Fence.

As Mr. Hanna says, the bill-signing is just an election ploy, since Congress hasn't provided any funding.

They have my donation already. Why not make one today at either WeNeedAFence or the Minuteman Border Fence? If you're a Patriot, you should think about either volunteering your time or money to make this happen.

We need a fence to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the United States. The issue is not the average wetback coming across the border to work the jobs that Americans [supposedly] won't work, but the drug dealers, the Mexican military, the diseased livestock, the environmental impact, and the open doors for islamic terrorists to waltz in unchallenged.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Take home some Dhimmy Dean pork [project] sausage

From the White Trash Republican, working on her photoshop skills. Brilliant!

CAIR's Dougie Hooper on Tucker Carlson: Muslims back Dhimmicrats

H/T to Little Green Footballs:

No surprise, they have the same agenda: Death to the West!

The EID Sexual Harassment Incident

H/T to Little Green Footballs. Here's a report of islamic-inspired sexual assaults and riots happening in Egypt, and of the lack of reponse by the Egyptian police:

The Eid sexual harassment incident

I didn't want to write about this.

Hell, I didn't even want to know about it.

I remember the first time I heard of it while I was in Amman. Eblis sent me an e-mail titled "Behold the revolution in Egypt" with a link to malek's post on it and I stupidly clicked on it and was presented with a reality that I didn't want or desire to confront.

The story is as follows for the those of you who didn't hear about it: It was the first day of Eid, and a new film was opening downtown. Mobs of males gatherd trying to get in, but when the show was sold out, they decided they will destroy the box office. After accomplishing that, they went on what can only be described as a sexual frenxy: They ran around grabbing any and every girl in sight, whether a niqabi, a Hijabi or uncoverd. Whether egyptian or foreigner. Even pregnant ones. They grabbed them, molested them, tried to rip their cloths off and rape them, all in front of the police, who didn't do shit. The good people of downtown tried their best to protect the girls. Shop owners would let the girls in and lock the doors, while the mobs tried to break in. Taxi drivers put the girls in the cars while the mobs were trying to break the glass and grab the girls out. It was a disgusting pandamonium of sexual assaults that lasted for 5 houres from 7:30 PM to 12:30 am, and it truns my stomach just to think about it.

I called my father when I heard of that happening, and he informed me that he didn't hear of it at all. They watched Al Jazeerah, CNN, flipped through opposition newspapers, and nothing. Nada. Nobody mentioned it. As if it didn't happen.

But it did.

Read the entire article here.

Why isn't the mainstream media reporting this? Doesn't fit their agenda, won't work to get Dhimmicrats elected... Who knows. It's coming our way, though, just look at that muzzy state up north - Dearbornistan.

Brilliant! Charlie Brown as a radical muslim

From The Jawa Report:

Outstanding. I wonder how many towelheads will riot over this?

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America

A new book by Brigitte Gabriel tells her story, a survivor of islamic terror. There's some pretty compelling stuff at her website, as well. I'm ordering a copy of the book, I'll review it as soon as I'm finished reading it.

From American Congress for Truth (H/T to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch)

"Evil prevails when good people do nothing. With the spread of radical Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world, it is important for the people of the western world to know and understand whatto expect and what to do about it. We are faced with a war that has been declared on Christians and Jews in America and the world. Citizens of the most powerful country on earth watched in horror on 9/11, 2001 as a handful of men brought the United States of America to its knees. Wall Street froze, the stock market tumbled, and national air traffic ground to a halt. The West faces a threat more menacing today than the past goals of communist world domination.

We are facing an enemy that uses children as human bombs, mothers as suicide bombers, and men driven by the glory of death and the promise of eternal sexual bliss in heaven. We are fighting an enemy that loves death more than we love life. I am a victim of the Lebanese civil war, which was the first front in the worldwide Jihad of militant Islam against the only Christian country in the Middle East. My family’s home was shelled and destroyed leaving me wounded. I lived underground in a bomb shelter from age 10 to 17 without electricity and very little food. I had to crawl under sniper bullets to a spring to fetch water for my elderly parents. I was betrayed by my country, rescued by my enemy Israel, the Jewish State that is under attack for its existence today."

I urge you to visit this website and sign the anti-islamic petitions there. This isn't about being "islamophobic." Everyone that isn't muslim should be very, very afraid. According to the followers of the prophet Muhammed, we have three choices: convert, submit and pay a special tax (and live as second-class citizens), or die.

We MUST stop the spread of this hateful religion and culture throughout the US and North America.

Say "Cheese"

From Debbie Schlussel:

We received this fun photo from soldiers serving in Iraq. The photo features an up-armored HUMVEE with a Browning .50-cal machine gun turret. This is a convoy escort vehicle.

Sort of a 21st-century "Kilroy was here."

Jihad or No Jihad?

From Debbie Schlussel:

Remember how NBC's "Dateline" was trying to set up NASCAR fans as racist against Muslims? Remember how they recruited Muslims to wear the full garb to NASCAR races, with the hope of entrapping NASCAR Americans as bigots?
Well, now CBS is at it. Check out this announcement from Craig's List-New York, pointed out by Sultan Knish, and note how they seek to defame American "families who have traditional family values" as "Islamophobic":

Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on an airplane? (Midtown)
Reply to: AshtonRamsey@Yahoo.com
Date: 2006-10-29, 6:35PM EST

Let's all email Ashton and let him know exactly why we should all be afraid of muzzies on an airplane. I can think of 19 reasons.

Check out the full post at Debbie's blog here.

Truer words were never spoken...

Favorite Quotes from The Gipper, Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America:

From the Patriot Post Archive:
"Sometimes it seems [the news media] are less interested in legitimate news than they are in proving their knowledge and wisdom is superiorthan ours. The most frustrating thing is when I have the facts to provethem wrong but cannot reveal those facts without endangering securityor wrecking some plan we're engaged in."

From The Quotations Page:
"My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes."
[Said during a radio microphone test, 1984]

Also from the Quotations Page:
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

From Brainyquote.com:
"Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged."

Also from Brainyquote.com:
"I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress."

And one more from Brainyquote.com, just because it's too good:
"Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong."
If only we had a leader with his vision and strength today.

"The Main Event" -- Buckeye Football, not Babs

From the Oct 19 Columbus fishwrap, otherwise known as the Dispatch:

Published: Thursday, October 19, 2006 SPORTS 01B

By Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch

Let those with ears hear: Rudimentary religion is alive and well among Buckeyes fans, where praise and prophesying rival that of a Pentecostal tent revival.

Preach it, brother.

Beware the evils of ESPNU.

It's going to be No. 1 vs. No. 2 in the 'Shoe come Nov. 18.

Any old smooth-talking devil would be better than Brent Musburger.

It's funny how some Ohio State fans accept the secular sermonizing, but they get nervous when someone from inside the program offers a prayerful "Oh ... my God."

The reasons for the worry vary, but among them is the thought that religion is fine -- as long as it doesn't detract from an undefeated season. The externals are what matter most: film study, focusing on Michigan, mouthing the words to Carmen Ohio, no gray on their sleeves.

The internal issues -- such as whether to wear faith on their sleeves -- are best kept secret, which is why it will be interesting to watch the reaction to a faith-based public outreach scheduled for Oct. 30 in St. John Arena.

The free event, dubbed "The Main Event," is billed as an opportunity for OSU fans to get to know what makes some of their favorite Buckeyes tick. It should be subtitled, "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Organized by senior defensive lineman Joel Penton and endorsed by coach Jim Tressel, the evening event -- paid for primarily with donations from area churches -- will show people what the two dozen or so born-again Christians on the team do when they're not making Michigan State look like Jones Middle School.

"Most people only get to see us on TV, only get to see what we do in football. They don't get an inside look at the people we really are," defensive lineman David Patterson said.

Do people care to know the who (Patterson)? Or just the what (Ohio State football player)? We shall see. It seems fair that if you're going to judge a player by the stories in Sunday's paper, then it wouldn't hurt to listen to the stories in his heart.

But there's a risk in getting to know the person, because then booing him doesn't seem so impersonal.

On the other side, there's a risk in being seen as someone not completely committed to bringing the Buckeyes their second national championship in five seasons.

"If you're going to speak to the Red Cross banquet on Thursday, it's like, 'He should be working on the game plan,' " Tressel said. "But we want (college football) to be a whole experience, and we'll take that risk."

No wonder Tressel proudly says Penton spends as much time preparing for "The Main Event" as for the Buckeyes' 12 weekly main events. It's not that Tress doesn't care about beating the Wolverines -- "We want to win games and we better win games," he said -- just that he cares more about the internals. He talks of the expectations put upon freshmen when they arrive on campus having been king of their high school communities.

"Everyone who goes out of town with the marching band is expecting him to take over the world and lead Ohio State to championships and go on to the NFL as the No. 1 pick, and it doesn't always happen that way," he said. "There are always battles, just the normal things that normal students not playing football have to adjust to. But the thing they have that they can hold onto is their faith. That's their rock."

Which is why some Buckeyes want to talk about it, Tressel said, mentioning Penton, Patterson and receiver Roy Hall, who wonders what all the fuss is about. "We're not giving a church service. We just want people to come out and listen," Hall said. "Faith can begin with just listening."

Listening? That's a novel approach. Much of the din this season -- and it's only going to grow louder -- comes from the harangue and hyperbole of those whose noise knows no bounds.

Finding perspective among the pandemonium can be difficult. Some Buckeyes and their coach want to make it easier.

I'll bet the Dispatch will be surprised when a capacity crowd shows up for the event.
Wow. Now we have God on our side, and along with WWH, how can we go wrong? (Although I think WWH is rolling in his grave when he sees Troy Smith pass so much)

Good for you, Tress. You ARE the complete package.

Rosferatu in the Blogosphere Again

H/T to Pro Ecclesia, A Catholic blog covering matters related to Church, Family, & Politics:

Catholic League: "The View" Sports Bigotry
From the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights:
October 27, 2006


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on today’s edition of the ABC-TV show, “The View”:“As we have recounted several times before, there is an anti-Catholic animus evident among the panelists on ‘The View,’ with Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar being the worst offenders. Today they were at it again, trotting out the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church one more time. The occasion for their outburst was an exchange they had with their guest, Amy Berg, the director of ‘Deliver Us From Evil,’ a recent documentary on the scandal that was a box-office bomb.

“When Behar said that the molesting priests were pedophiles, not gays, she was either lying or mistaken. This is not a matter of opinion—it is simply wrong to pretend that pedophilia is the problem. As any honest person who has seen the data knows, the majority of the victims were postpubescent, not little kids. And since 81 percent of the victims were male, and 100 percent of the victimizers were male, the problem is one of homosexuality, not pedophilia.

“Another lie or mistake was made when O’Donnell said, and Berg concurred, that ‘The current pope was the person who was supposed to investigate these charges of sex abuse in the Church in the last 20 years.’ As a matter of fact, when Pope Benedict XVI was Cardinal Ratzinger, he was not appointed to deal with this problem until 2002—after the scandal hit the newspapers.“Barbara Walters stands behind all this bigotry—it’s her show.”

Contact the executive producer of “The View,” Bill Geddie, at

Once again, the evil Rosferatu is all mixed up. What a surprise.

Sounds like she has some SERIOUS issues with religion, specifically Christianity. Wonder if she was spanked by a Nun when she attended Catholic School?

I have an idea, Rosie: shut up!

A Sad Reminder of Where We're Headed...

H/T to Debbie Schlussel. A Detroit-area Catholic Church, forced to sell because of a lack of parishoners, soon to be a mosque:

On the Edge of Hamtrackstan, a Sad Sign of the Times
By Debbie Schlussel
The Detroit Catholic Church, Our Lady Help of Christians Church, will close after 83 years.

Sadly, after celebrating its final Mass on Sunday, it will become a mosque. The Archdiocese of Detroit sold it to the Islamic Center of North Detroit. Bangladeshi Muslims will now pray to Allah, there. While the church is in Detroit, it's on the border of Michigan's second or third caliphate, Hamtramckstan. The dhimmization (or, dhimmification--take your pick) of America continues. Maybe they can call it, "Our Lady of Halalish Uncovered Meat."

(Interesting that the Detroit Newsistan lists this story as a "lifestyle" story. Their lifestyle over ours.)

Like an old flight instructor of mine used to say when the stall horn was going off in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk:
"You better do something!"

(At least I don't live in that nasty state up north. Pretty soon, the U of M will be saying islamic prayers at the fifty yard line after they lose to the Christian Crusadin' Buckeyes again.)

Speaking of Comics: Paul Nowak

His work speaks for itself. Volumes. (H/T to Texas Hold 'Em Blogger)

Now I'm Really an S.O.B.

I'm proud to have been welcomed to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance (SOB), a group of conservative bloggers from the Buckeye State.

Please take the time to visit the linked blogs down the right side of the page!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

This film seems to be gaining ground. There's a new post today on Michelle Malkin's Hot Air about this film. It was apparently uploaded in its entirety to YouTube, then removed. At one point, it was on Google Video. The producers are attempting to regain some of their investment by preventing online piracy and selling the video at their website.

There's a 12-minute abridged version on Google Video now.

We commented on it several weeks ago, after hearing about it on Glenn Beck. Still waiting on my DVD to arrive. I'll have a review of it here after I receive it, plus I'll be trying to set up screenings of this movie in central Ohio.

Why I Love the Comics

I remember in Journalism school many moons ago, a perfesser telling us that statistics show that people who are more educated and more intelligent tend to read the comics, the sports page and the op-ed page religiously. Gee, I guess that means all that money on college wasn't wasted.

Today's (Sunday 10/29/06) Sunday comics have been infiltrated by political commentary. Not the usual lefty loonies like Trudeau's Doonesbury or the Berkley Breathed strip Opus, but strips like Hi & Lois and Foxtrot.

Hi and Lois is like the 'Father Knows Best' of comics. It's been around forever, has quaint little funny family tales, but occasionally has something that causes you to think. Today's Hi & Lois comic has the twins fighting over halloween costumes, until the mother tells them to pick "polar opposites." The kids comply: in the final panel they appear as democrats and republicans. What's interesting is the republican is dressed as a businessman, the democrat as a 60's hippie. How perceptive!

Today's Foxtrot comic, by Bill Amend, speaks to the scariness of electronic voting machines, but more importantly: how most people don't care about this 'politics' stuff.

Right on target.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

What's so wrong with showing Patriotism in the Media?

I wasn't around during World War II. I wasn't even a gleam in my daddy's eye then. I don't know firsthand what it was like to live in America during that war. But it certainly appears that things have changed in America since then, especially with the mainstream media.

I have been frustrated by news outlets like CNN airing terrorist propaganda recently -- the sniper attacks on American soldiers in Iraq. I've been frustrated by the one-sided reporting of the efforts of the war -- the body counts, ABC's Nightline airing lists of dead soldiers. And the list goes on and on.

In this recent confrontation (H/T to Michelle Malkin's Hot Air) on Wolf Blitzer's CNN show, Lynne Cheney asks Blitzer "Do you want to win this war? Why are you showing this terrorist propaganda?" Blitzer's party line response: "We're just reporting the news. We're not partisan, we're just reporting the news."

The mainstream media have this 'purist' attitude, that they have to report the "unvarnished truth" -- or says CNN in their response to questions on why they are airing these videos.

There is no such thing as a single truth. There are many sides in this conflict, as there was in World War II. But the media chose then to report only the side that would help our cause, boost American public and troop morale, make us feel proud and strong, get everyone behind the effort to win what was arguably a war to preserve our civilization.

Would it be so wrong for the media to show American bias? Would it be so wrong to show the good guys winning the war? Would it be so wrong to show the good guys blowing up terrorists? Would it be so wrong to show Iraqi students back in schools built by American hands and dollars?

I can find that on the internet, but not on CNN, not on MSNBC, not on Katie Couric's bottom-feeding CBS Evening News.

Pundits on the left call the war in Iraq a 'quagmire.' They compare it to Vietnam, a long, bloody war, also not supported in the popular media.

I say: media, democrats, ACLU... look in the mirror if you think Iraq is a quagmire. You're the cause of the war stalling, the war not being won outright. Every time you report a story graphically showing American soldiers being killed; every time you show terrorist fighters succeeding against American soldiers; every time you leak stories of American strategy, or American secrets, or American soldiers harrasing islamic terrorist prisoners...

You stab America in the heart.

It seems to me that Americans would have cried 'Treason' during earlier wars if politicians or the media had made the same choices they're making today. I'm American, and I'm shouting "TREASON".

Friday, October 27, 2006

Associated (with terrorism) Press: Fair and Balanced 'Style'

My ears perked up during a recent broadcast on the WSYX-6 TV news - Mark Hyman's The Point was discussing the AP Stylebook:

AP Stylebook
Words are powerful. Specific words can lend meaning -- accurately or inaccurately -- to a subject.

The Associated Press Stylebook is a popular guidebook for journalists recommending everything from word usage to punctuation.

News reporting is supposed to be unbiased. The AP Stylebook supposedly recommends words and styles that maintain neutrality in reporting subject matter. It is that last point that draws attention to the AP Stylebook regarding how to address the abortion issue. There are so many terms in use: pro-life, pro-choice, pro-abortion, anti-abortion, and the list goes on.

The AP Stylebook states journalists should "Use 'anti-abortion' instead of 'pro-life' and 'abortion rights' instead of 'pro-abortion' or 'pro-choice'." Generally, if something is "anti-" it is viewed as a negative. Using the term "abortion rights" implies the "rights" are valid. Pro-life supporters would disagree with that premise.

The AP is wrong in its recommendations. The terms "pro-choice" and "pro-life" pretty much give equal standing to both sides of the debate. Can you imagine the howls of protest if the AP suggested "pro-life" and "anti-life"? And if the AP suggests "anti-abortion" is correct it would then have to pick "pro-abortion" for the other side of the debate. But it doesn't. That's because the AP has chosen sides in the abortion debate.

I paid attention to this editorial because I work in the printing & publishing biz -- I've been using the AP Stylebook since I was in journalism school way back in the 1970's. It's sort of a 'bible' for writers, editors, journalists-- anyone needing standardization or clarification on things like spelling and capitalization.

After hearing Mr. Hyman's editorial, I decided to check it out myself. Sure enough, right there in black-and-white, is the reference to 'abortion' exactly as he described it:

This falls right in line with the events that were happing in the Israeli/Palestine conflict over the past several months. AP reporters and photographers were accused of falsifying stories and staging photographs to make the plight of the poor widdle Palestinians being attacked by Israel much more harsh than it actually was.

I thought perhaps, that was an isolated incident, of Palestinian/Hezbollah supporters being hired to cover the story. Apparently, the Associated (with terrorism) Press has a different agenda than just reporting the news.

The lefties have infiltrated everything! Is nothing sacred?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Why Don't We Have Some Real Celebrities Like This in America?

From Australia, pop singer Beccy Cole has released this song to counter attacks on her for supporting 'the Diggers,' Aussie troops fighting in the middle east. Her reply: if you're not proud of our troops, take my poster off your wall. "I prefer to be a poster girl on the wrong side of the world."

Amen, baby, amen.

As Michelle Malkin calls it, kinda like a Bizarro 'Dixie' chick. (BTW, Dizie chicks, we're ashamed you're from this planet).
Looks like islamic fundamentalism is a global problem. Looks like they have the looney lefties in every country. God help us.

Ah, Yes. The Religion of Piece(s)

In typical double-standard fashion, izlamic fundamentalist doctors are requiring even their sickest patients to fast during ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong, at the risk of dying, even though their religion clearly doesn't require it. From Yahoo news:

'Bearded doctors' risking health of fasting patients: professor

CAIRO (AFP) - A growing number of Islamic fundamentalist doctors are putting their patients' health at risk by telling them to fast during the holy month of Ramadan, a prominent Egyptian doctor said.

"We have noticed that brain and heart accidents are on the rise towards the end of Ramadan," Mohammed Ahmed Nasr, a professor of cardiac surgery from the Egyptian National Heart Institute, told AFP.

"In Islam, one who is suffering from an ailment is not compelled to fast but there are bearded doctors who are simply not telling their patients the truth," he said.

During the holy month, which in Egypt ends Tuesday with the feast of Eid al-Fitr, most Muslims fast from dawn to dusk but continue their regular activity.

"The rise of Islamic fundamentalism in medical circles is a very dangerous phenomenon," said Nasr, who wrote an article that was published Monday in the Egyptian press.

"There are more and more complications among heart patients towards the end of Ramadan and in the worst cases these complications can lead to death," he warned.

Egypt's medical association has long campaigned against the influence of radical Islamists in the medical world.

For instance, it alleges that a group of influential Islamist doctors is blocking a law authorising and regulating organ transplants on religious grounds, despite backing from the country's top clerics for legislation.

The legal loophole has allowed a parallel industry of illegal organs trafficking to flourish.

They sell drugs to finance their jihad. They frequent strip clubs and drink liquor before they drive jetliners into skyscrapers. Now, they traffick in organs, I'm guessing to finance their jihad.

Nice religion, towelheads. Ever heard of the Ten Commandments? Your camel-humping, little girl-raping, sick, twisted 'religion' breaks about every single one of them. And you want to force it on the rest of us? Fuggedaboutit.

Geez, no wonder we're at war.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Stupid Judges and the Presidents Who Appoint Them

Our society is so f*cked up right now, everything is topsy-turvy.

Every day tops the previous one in amazement at how far our society has fallen, thanks to the political "my career is most important" whores in Warshington who appoint judges that will get accepted vs. judges with real values.

We have judges ruling against a program that allows the government to wiretap phone calls into terrorist sponsored states. We have judges forcing corporations to set up separate prayer rooms and allow muzlims extra time to practice their so-called religion. Two cases this week have my blood at 211 degrees -- just seconds away from boiling over:

Case one (H/T to Debbie Schlussel):

Ex-border agents sentenced for shooting smuggler
EL PASO, Texas - U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton has received dozens of angry letters and phone calls decrying the prosecution of a pair of former U.S. Border Patrol agents who were sentenced Thursday to more than 10 years in federal prison.

The agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean, were convicted earlier this year of shooting Osvaldo Aldrete Davila, a drug smuggling suspect, as the man fled across the Rio Grande into Mexico after a confrontation with the agents.

Convicted for shooting a drug smuggler. Eleven and 12 year sentences.

Case 2:

Terrorist's Lawyer Gets Two-Year Term
NEW YORK — Defense lawyer Lynne F. Stewart on Monday was sentenced to 28 months in prison for aiding terrorists, far less than the 30 years prosecutors had sought.Stewart represented Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, who was sentenced to life in prison for plotting to blow up five landmarks in New York. In May 2000, in violation of prison rules, she passed on a statement from Rahman to a Reuters reporter.

Hmmm. Public servants working hard to protect the American border get 12 years in prison for shooting a drug smuggler. Terrorist sympathizer/traitor/lefty nutcase lawyer who aids an extremist who is responsible for hundreds of deaths gets two years.

God help us.

211.5... 211.6... 211.7...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Airport Security Video: True, True

From Michelle Malkin's Hot Air:

Stop the injustice! No more islamo-fascist-arabic-men with brown skin profiling! Wouldn't want to hurt their feelings.

Hey, BABS! Call me when you get some class!

Like Rodney's famous words, our 'beloved' Babs has revealed her true self (as if we didn't know). From Breitbart (H/T to Michelle Malkin's Hot Air)
Streisand Has Outburst at NYC Concert
Oct 10 10:07 AM US/Eastern


It was an evening that elicited tears, standing ovations, raucous laughter and shouts of joy from the audience _ and was just in the first few minutes. Yes, Barbra Streisand's return to touring after a 12-year absence was the extravaganza that it promised to be. Monday night's show at Madison Square Garden was the third stop of a 20-city jaunt across the nation _ a virtual lovefest between the ultimate diva and an adoring, sold-out, celebrity-dotted crowd.

Streisand effortlessly crooned through a select repertoire of the hits she's amassed during her four-decade-plus career. But night's most riveting moment came during what was perhaps the only unscripted _ and truly uncomfortable _ episode in the three-hour show.

There was Streisand, enduring a smattering of very loud jeers as she and "George Bush" _ a celebrity impersonator _ muddled through a skit that portrayed the president as a bumbling idiot.

Though most of the crowd offered polite applause during the slightly humorous routine, it got a bit too long, especially for a few in the audience who just wanted to hear Streisand sing like she had been doing for the past hour.

"Come on, be polite!" the well-known liberal implored during the sketch as she and "Bush" exchanged zingers. But one heckler wouldn't let up. And finally, Streisand let him have it. "Shut the (expletive) up!" Streisand bellowed, drawing wild applause. "Shut up if you can't take a joke!" With that one F-word, the jeers ended. And the message was delivered _ no one gets away with trying to upstage Barbra Streisand, especially not in her hometown.

Once the outburst (which Streisand later apologized for) was over, Streisand noted that "the artist's role is to disturb," and delivered a message of tolerance before launching into a serenely beautiful rendition of "Somewhere." That put the focus back on what the audience came for _ her voice, one of the greatest female instruments of her generation.

She's definitely disturbing, and definitely an instrument (I'm thinking 'tool').

Message of tolerance. Riigghhttt...

Scary Movie: This is just too good to pass up.

From the Drudge Report (H/T to Michelle Malkin's Hot Air):

Tue Oct 10 2006 15:13:16 ET


The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained an exclusive copy of a "scary" campaign advertisement created by Hollywood producer and director David Zucker that was intended to be used by GOP organizations in the closing weeks of the 2006 campaign.

However, the advertisement was deemed "too hot" by GOP strategists all across Washington, DC who have refused to use it!

In the ad, Zucker, producer of SCARY MOVIE 4, recreates former Clinton Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's 2000 visit to North Korea. During the visit, Secretary Albright presented North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il with a basketball autographed by former NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

An actress playing Secretary Albright is shown presenting Kim Jong Il with the Michael Jordan basketball, painting the walls of Osama bin Laden's Afghanistan cave and turning a blind eye to suicide bombers. In one scene her skirt rips as she changes the tire of a Middle Eastern dictator's limousine.

One GOP strategist said "jaws dropped" when the ad was first viewed. "Nobody could believe Zucker thought any political organization could use this ad. It makes a point, but it's way over the top."

Zucker is the producer and director of comedies such as "Airplane" and "The Naked Gun." In 2004, Zucker, a longtime Democrat, embraced the Republican Party based on concerns he had about national security issues and voted for President George W. Bush.

And of course, here's the video:

I knew there was a reason I liked Zucker. Finally, someone from Hollywood with some gray matter between the ears, and some cajones. Wake up Babs, Hanoi Jane, Michael Moore, The Boss, Dixie Hicks, and all your lefty cronies! Socialism is so last week.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here We Go Again: Clinton 'Contained' N Korea Threat

From Newsmax:

North Korea Nukes Clinton Legacy
Charles R. Smith Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2003

Asian Arms Race Result of Appeasement Policy

The leftist media spin is that the current crisis in North Asia is the result of George W. Bush calling Pyongyang a member of the 'axis of evil.' In reality, the soft-line appeasement policy taken by Clinton against North Korea and China is what has led us to this point.

For example, former Clinton adviser Paul Begala, now serving as a talking head on CNN, claimed that the Clinton administration contained the threat from North Korea. Clearly, Mr. Begala missed the 1990s.

Of course, Mr. Begala simply forgot that Clinton's military chief of staff testified in 1998 that North Korea did not have an active ballistic missile program. One week later the North Koreans launched a missile over Japan that landed off the Alaska coast.

During the early Clinton years, hard-liners and so-called conservative hawks advocated a pre-emptive strike to halt North Korea's nuclear weapons development before it could field an atomic bomb. Instead of taking the hard line, President Clinton elected to rely on former President Jimmy Carter and decided to appease the Marxist-Stalinist dictatorship.

Carter met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang and returned to America waving a piece of paper and declaring peace in our time. Kim, according to Carter, had agreed to stop his nuclear weapons development. The Clinton appeasement program for North Korea included hundreds of millions of dollars in aid, food, oil and even a nuclear reactor. However, the agreement was flawed and lacked even the most informal means of verification.

When will the Jimmy Carters, the Clintons and the Kerrys of this world learn:
appeasements, incentives and diplomacy do not work against lunacy?

Read the entire article here.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

No More Apologies: If you don't like freedom of speech, get the h*ll out

H/T to Little Green Footballs. This "Islamic Brownshirts" article in the Spectator discusses how we should stop apologizing to islam for their own sensitivity and paranoia.

WE ARE BEING TERRORIZED OUT of our rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The Islamic Brownshirts are working feverishly to suppress any criticism of themselves and their ideology. Because the president has (for the moment, at least) fled this battlefield, we must fight on our own. To begin, we have to recognize, and speak out on, four ground truths.

First, there is an enormous advantage America has over the nations in the grip of radical Islam. That advantage is enshrined in the Constitution's Bill of Rights, the freedoms stated in it inherently incompatible with radical Islam. Every time we apologize for an act such as labeling the Islamofascists correctly, we lose a bit of that freedom. Islamic fascists are just that, and we should remind the world of it at every opportunity. Just like those in Germany and conquered Europe who every night slept fitfully fearing the Gestapo's knock on the door, the people who live under radical Islam live in constant fear. The oppressed are not our enemy: the oppressors are.

Second, as Robert Spencer's Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades documents thoroughly -- quoting at length from the hadith (sayings of Muhammad that accompany the Koran) -- radical Islamists can offer only three choices to non-believers: convert to Islam, pay the poll-tax on non-Muslims and live under Islamic law, or war. As Spencer wrote, "Always remember, 'peaceful coexistence as equals in a pluralistic society' isn't one of the choices." The only answer to this is to Americanize the words of Australian Treasurer Peter Costello, who said in an August 2005 interview:

"[T]his is a country, which is founded on a democracy. According to our Constitution, we have a secular state. Our laws are made by the Australian Parliament. If those are not your values, if you want a country which has Sharia law or a theocratic state, then Australia is not for you. This is not the kind of country where you would feel comfortable if you were opposed to democracy, parliamentary law, independent courts and so I would say to people who don't feel comfortable with those values there might be other countries where they'd feel more comfortable with their own values or beliefs."

So it must be here. Anyone who wants to embrace our Constitution and renounce other law, who wants to be a participant in our democracy and is not hostile to the freedoms we enjoy, is welcome. Others are not.

Third, America began with a Declaration of Independence that was written, in part, because of our "decent respect to the opinions of mankind." But decent respect does not mean that we are ruled by others' opinions or law. And when we look at what is happening in England and Europe, we know we cannot accept that result and must summon our resolve to fight -- by words and deeds -- its achievement here.

Most importantly, the reigning emotions among radical Islamists are paranoia and insecurity. They think that anyone who utters the slightest criticism of them, their religion or their societies must be punished violently. The fourth ground truth is that these emotions are their problem, not ours. We must use them to our advantage. The weapon provided by the radicals' fear and insecurity should be used incessantly. Scorn, contempt, shame and disrespect are what we should heap upon them. Every time we denounce a terrorist, the denunciation should include every single person, group and government that shares his beliefs. Civilization owes no apologies to Islamic fascists. Let us hear no more of them.

TAS contributing editor Jed Babbin is the author of Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe Are Worse Than You Think (Regnery, 2004)

Remember the old signs from the Vietnam era? AMERICA: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. We need to have this translated into arabic, somalian, kurdish, and any other language the towelheads understand and post it publicly.

It will be incredibly difficult to clean out the infestation of islam in the US without vigilantism. Obviously, our elected officials don't have the cajones to do it. I predict an uprising in the coming years and months, a backlash against anything muslim. Unfortunately, more people will have to die before the dhimmi majority of Americans understand.

Former Islamic extremist: Stop being a 'passive terrorist'

H/T to Robert Spencer who runs the Jihad Watch blog & news site. With a lifelong history of studying islam and other religions, Mr. Spencer has been attempting to convince westerners for years of the intentions of the islamic world. He has been denouncing the writings of the prophet Muhammed, based on english translations of the qu'ran, the scripture of islam, and the hadiths, the frequently violent writings and teachings of Muhammed. He has been asking so-called 'moderate' muslims in the west to openly condemn these writings and to work to reform their religion to remove the violence and hate. His recently released book, 'The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion' is sure to spark even more controversy.

Mr. Spencer has been largely ignored, except for the condemnation of his work as hate speech. Until now.

An op-ed piece in the Rocky Mountain News from a former extremist muslim reaffirms what Mr. Spencer has been saying: Muslims must both denounce and renounce their violent hadiths.

Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaida's No. 2 man, leader, last month announced that Americans must choose: Convert to Islam or continue to receive acts of terror.

Al-Zawahri was reiterating a fundamental concept of Salafi Islamic teaching, the fountainhead of extremist thinking. Yet the authors of the American government's recent intelligence report on terrorism's spread seem not to have been listening.

Zawahri's threat is based on a saying of the Prophet Muhammad as written in Sahih Al-Buchary, a central book of Salafi Islamic teaching. This hadith, or fundamental concept, states: "I have been ordered by Allah to fight and kill all mankind until they say, 'No God except Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah' (Hadith Sahih)." Based on this hadith, early Muslims used the sword to spread Islam throughout the world. The same hadith inspires contemporary Islamic terror including this summer's thwarted London airplane explosions. Other rationales that terrorists use to justify terrorism - the Arab-Israeli conflict, America's involvement in Iraq - are simply useful propaganda cover stories, not the actual causes or goals of terrorists' actions.

Americans must be wary of political leaders who accept the propaganda explanations. To win the war on terror, America's leaders must recognize the powerful role of the Islamic religious principle of jihad, Islam's belief that it must conquer the world, which derives from the above hadith. Belief in jihad is what causes so many Muslims worldwide to cheer terrorist acts such as 9/11, European subway bombings, and Hezbollah and Hamas attacks against Israel.

Allowing jihadist teaching to continue is like allowing cancer cells to survive in a human body.

The human immune system demonstrates that nurturing normal cells and respecting their variance sustains life. A healthy body nourishes cell diversity. A healthy body politic, similarly, must value respect for different beliefs. At the same time, if an immune system shows any tolerance whatsoever for cancer cells, the latter will terminate that body's life. The immune system of a body politic must have a similar zero tolerance for beliefs that incite violence against its citizens.

Cancer can be overcome if an individual has a strong immune system that acts to triumph over the killer cells. Similarly, the cancerous teachings of Salafi Islam could become insignificant if the majority of Muslims were to vocally oppose them.

Unfortunately, however, the vast majority of Muslims, Islamic organizations and Islamic scholars have not publicly objected to these teachings. There have been no powerful Muslim demonstrations to denounce Osama bin Laden and not a single fatwa by top Islamic scholars or organizations to consider bin Laden an apostate - as was done to Salman Rushdie just for writing a novel.

Because the teachings continue, a significant proportion of the world's Muslims have become passive terrorists, peaceful citizens whose sympathy in their hearts and support with their purses enable terrorism's spread.

If Islamic scholars and organizations in America disapprove of jihadist teachings, they must speak out against them. Americans should consider Muslims to be moderates, and Islam a peaceful faith, only if, in English and in Arabic, Muslims clearly denounce their violent hadiths and strike them from the books that educate their next generation.

In addition to internal immune reactions, externally applied interventions also can destroy cancer cells. Like cancer-fighting chemotherapy, strongly applied military might can reduce large tumors. America eliminated al-Qaida training camps in Afghanistan, but the verdict is not yet in on whether Israel this past summer similarly decimated Hezbollah.

To conquer the metastases of extremist Islam, however, words may be the most potent weapons. Outspoken condemnation of the theological sources of terrorism by American intellectuals and politicians, reinforcing the self-examination of Muslims themselves, could make a vital difference.

Addressing the theological wellsprings of Islamic terrorist motivation is essential if America is to succeed in its war against terrorism. Pope Benedict XVI has begun leading the way. Neither political correctness nor Muslim outrage must be allowed to prevent further realistic talk about the religious underpinnings of Islamic violence. Otherwise Islamic teaching will continue to spread jihad's cancerous beliefs.

Dr. Tawfik Hamid, an Egyptian physician, Islamic scholar and former extremist, is the author of The Roots of Jihad (www.rootsofjihad.org). Hamid will be speaking in Denver at the University of Denver on Monday at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Hamid's words are sure to fall upon deaf ears and also regarded as hate speech. Here's an excerpt from Mr. Spencer's article at Jihad watch:
...regular readers of Jihad Watch will recognize the familiar denial, the familiar indignation, the familiar charges of ignorance and ill will. These have become the dispiritingly common ways in which all too many Muslim spokesmen respond to those who merely point out various aspects of Islamic tradition that make them uncomfortable. Instead of working in constructive ways for reform, they prefer to demonize and vilify those who, like me, bring such material to light -- as if I really did make up the incident in which Muhammad married his daughter-in-law and somehow, through my black Zionist arts, made millions of Muslims believe it.

That's why it was refreshing to read "Speakout: Muslims must both denounce, renounce their violent hadiths," by Dr. Tawfik Hamid in the Rocky Mountain News (thanks to Skip). For quoting the same hadith he quotes in this piece and noting the same thing he notes about it -- that jihadists today take it seriously -- I have been called a hatemonger, a liar, an ignoramus, the spawn of the devil himself. Of course, Hamid leaves the Qur'an untouched, and there is plenty in that book that also must be examined critically if Islamic violence is ever to be mitigated, but his honesty about the hadith is refreshing, and sorely needed.
Amen, Robert. God bless you and keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to reading your new book.

If you truly want to understand the motivations of the islamists, read Mr. Spencer's "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)"

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Raise Your Voice Against Jihad Lawyer Lynn Stewart

H/T to Stop the ACLU and Michelle Malkin blogs about this attorney who has defended every anti-American, terrorist and jihadist defendant and idea since the 1960s. Stewart was convicted of helping terrorists by smuggling messages of violence from one of her imprisoned clients -- a radical Egyptian sheik -- to his terrorist disciples on the outside. She has been found guilty, and is now up for sentencing. Read the complete story at Linda Sog's.

Ten days and counting...
Please, pick up your pen and help lock up those amongst us who would aid terrorists in their quest to destroy us.

Please, pick up your pen and help send a message that America will not tolerate traitors amongst us! If you think you can't make a difference, you can! If you think you can't help punish those who would plot with our enemies against us, you can. But you have to do it now.

You have ten days, this is your last chance to make a difference in this case. Please, pick up your pen!


The Judge's address is:
Honorable John G. Koeltl
United States District Judge
Southern District of New York
United States Courthouse
500 Pearl Street
New York, New York 10007

Briefly say who you are and discuss yourself - your position in work and in society. State that you are aware that Lynne is to be sentenced following a jury verdict of guilty on charges of crimes against America. Tell the Judge why you believe she should be made an example of, and not given any leniency whatsoever. Feel free to remind the Judge of who she is by using the quotes above.

Send a copy of your letter to the lawyers who prosecuted Lynn, so they can present them all to the Judge at sentencing time, they will have the maximum impact as he considers the matter:

Joseph E. Bianco, Esq.
Christopher T. Morvillo, Esq.
Assistant United States Attorneys
Southern District of New York
United States Attorney's Office
One St. Andrews Plaza
New York, NY 10007

This putrid sh*tbag needs to be put away to never see the light of day.

I'm reluctant to even print the vile filth spewing from the mouth of this subhuman dung pile. At the very least, it deserves to never have contact with another human being outside the federal prison system (I'm thinkin' Gitmo). Best case scenario would be to see its body spasm from 50,000 volts coursing through its flesh, sending it to meet its mentor. (Can you say Satan?)

Please, I urge you to write and send this traitor to hell where it belongs.

More Ammo to Shut Boob Woodward Up

H/T to Bookworm Room blog. Here's an article from Marin(CA) Independent Journal about a soldier returning on leave from Iraq, making a presentation to a middle school class about Iraq.

Marin soldier tells stories from Iraq's frontline
Joe Wolfcale

As gray rain clouds swirled above, 101st Airborne Lt. Ronan Kennedy stood tall in a courtyard of Kent Middle School wearing blue jeans, a light blue polo shirt and tan boots.

Seventh-grade teacher Teri Alton could not contain herself.

Teary-eyed and with a huge smile on her face, Alton - who teaches world history - bolted from her classroom and gave Kennedy a hug and welcome home.

LIFE IN IRAQ: Ronan Kennedy, who is home on leave after serving in Iraq, talks with seventh- and eighth-graders at Kent Middle School who have been sending letters and care packages to Kennedy and his fellow troops in Iraq. (IJ photo/Jeff Vendsel)

"I feel like I know him although I've never really met him," Alton said. "It's really great to see him home here."

Kennedy, who attended Bacich Elementary, Kent Middle and Redwood High schools before graduating in 1999, is home on leave for a couple of weeks. He decided to visit the students of Alton and eighth-grade teacher Ryan Palmer, who formed pen pal relationships with the soldiers in Kennedy's unit last school year.

Kennedy, 25, just finished a deployment in Bayji, Iraq, supervising 44 soldiers in a maintenance group that repairs broken Humvees, armored vehicles and other armaments. He will set out for another one-year deployment next year.

More than 30 students dropped by the classroom Thursday during lunch hour to hear Kennedy talk about his experiences in Iraq. He brought along a video montage that brought the war home to the wide-eyed students.

"War is always sad," Kennedy said, responding to a question from one student. "I've seen people get killed; my best friend was killed.

"It's hot over there," he said. "We have to wear all this gear. It's very hot traveling in a Humvee. Sometimes, we'd only get four to five hours sleep. It's what we call living on the edge."

Soldiers' lives were brightened by the packages Kent students mailed to Kennedy, who, in turn, would dispense candy, CDs and other items to colleagues.

"Some of our guys didn't get any mail," Kennedy said. "One got divorce papers. So it was really amazing to keep getting these great packages. I can't say enough how much that meant to us."

During his slide show, Kennedy showed photographs of military helicopters in action, some of the soldiers who participated as pen pals, and an area where his unit discovered three land mines. He also included a group photo of his unit.

Alton estimated the school mailed more than 30 packages to Kennedy's unit. The Kentfield School District paid the postage to ship the packages abroad.

Kennedy will spend his remaining time home getting caught up on his sleep and eating favorite foods, including pizza, that he missed while in Iraq. On Oct. 16, he'll return to Fort Campbell in Clarksville, Tenn., and begin training for his next mission. He is signed up until April 2008.

Kennedy said he suffers some hearing loss from gunfire and loud explosions, gets claustrophobic around crowds and has become more observant.

"I'm so glad he's safe, but I'm saddened by the fact that his life has changed," Alton said. "Our students were so eager to meet him today."

God bless Lt. Kennedy and other brave patriots who are keeping us safe from islamic tyranny.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bob Woodward, Watch this Video

Bob Woodward, who's claim to fame is outing President Nixon and exposing the Watergate scandal, recently released his book damning the current administration for "hiding the facts" about the war in Iraq. How the hell does he know, other than selective interviews? He hasn't been there. These people have:

Midwest Heroes, a website supporting the troops who are fighting for our freedom and our western way of life, offers this video at YouTube:

I urge you to visit their website, read their stories, and support them. They appear to be part of the Progress for America organization that's been running the "They Want to Kill Us" ads to remind us of the importance of this job that needs to be done.

God bless these brave men and women in uniform who are fighting to preserve western civilization. To quote from this trailer, "These guys that are over there right now are doing a helluva job, and almost to a man, they want to finish the mission."

Hey Democrats, Cindy Sheehan, other lefty moonbats, ARE YOU LISTENING?

A Movie Every American Needs to See

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

Here's the trailer for the film every American needs to see. It's what the mainstream media isn't showing us -- they don't want us to know!

I urge you to buy a copy of this DVD and show it to as many people as you can.

Progress for America Releases New Video, Launches New Website

H/T to Ohio Conservative blogger, who received a contact from Progress for America, the organization responsible for the "They Want to Kill Us" ads appearing on national television recently. They've launched a new advocacy website -- United to Defeat Terrorism.

Little did I know the organization is associated with David Beamer, father of Flight 93 hero Todd "Let's Roll!" Beamer. God bless Mr. Beamer and his family, he raised a brave son and a true American. Mr. Beamer is distributing copies of United 93 to anyone that will hold a public screening.

United 93 is the recent feature film about the fourth flight hijacked by the islamic jihadists on Sept. 11, 2001. Todd and other brave passengers on the flight thwarted the efforts of the scumbag islamic hijackers to crash the plane into some government landmark in Washington DC; they ultimately lost their lives when the plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA.

Here's the latest video:

I urge you to support Mr. Beamers and PFA's efforts to get the words out about the war on these islamic sh*tbags.

Suggested double feature: Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

America to Congress: You're Fired!

God, am I frustrated.

America is in the fight for the very existence of our civilization: we're fighting islamic extremists around the world; we're being invaded by illegals from Mexico and who knows where else, protesting for their 'rights'; our society is being infiltrated from within by islamists trying to establish shari'a and an islamic state; our national security is being compromised by weak-kneed, politically correct politicians on both side of the fence --- I could go on, and on, and on.

The country's in a mess, and what is Congress and the mainstream media focusing on? The Mark Foley 'scandal' of a congressman who sent some nasty IMs to a page. Big f*cking deal! Shut up and sit down! I don't care if you all want to suck c*ck, or shove one up your *ss, or lick the sh*t off them.


Congress, CBS news, NBC, ABC (Rosferatu and the VIEW), CNN, you're all WHORES selling your souls to the highest bidder.

The only thing anyone in our government, elected or otherwise, appears to care about, is covering their own ass.

WTF? I give up. Fire them all. Time to cut our losses and start over.