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Must See new music video: 'I'm American'

Wow. This is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic band that mixes metal and rap. And they're patriots.

Comments from the poster on YouTube:

With "I'm American," the second video from the new album "Southern Born Killers," Stuck Mojo once again takes a stand for pride in country, self-respect and self-reliance. These themes have been a constant throughout the band's career. Following in the footsteps of the wildly successful video for "Open Season," Mojo once again takes a politically incorrect position by not being ashamed of the qualities that have made America great.You may download the entire "Southern Born Killers" album, for free, at the band's web site StuckMojo . us."I'm American"
Happy Independence Day & enjoy (H/T to Little Green Footballs):

BONUS: Lyrics from "I'm American"

I'm an American related to all colors of brethren,
Priests and Pastors and Prophets and Reverends,
Divided we fall united we stand together man,
In this cultural melting pot there's nothing better than,
This land of the free and the home of the brave,
Populated by ancestors of immigrants and slaves who met early graves,
So we could see brighter days and we could proudly praise and raise the stars and stripes as Americans

Hate me
Blame me
You can't shame me
Come and stand with me
I'm American

I'm an American born in these states united,
Where racial discrimination keeps us so divided,
Well we've got free speech so I won't be quiet,
We got a lot of problems here man I won't deny it,
But ain't another place that I'd rather be,
Than in this land of great opportunity,
Where we can be anything that we wanna be,
So until the day I D-I-E, I stand tall as an American

Diary of an 'Asian' Physician in Jolly Old England

Hilarious stuff from Iowahawk. So good I had to post it in its entirety. H/T to Little Green Footballs.

Well, That Didn't Work Out So Great
Iowahawk Guest Commentary
By Kahlid Ahmed, MDBoard Certified Gastroenterologist and former Jihad Associate, al Qaeda UK

Ever have "one of those days?" Sure, all of us go through the occasional rough patch, but I swear there are times when I think Allah must really have it in for me. I mean, I know the "Big Guy" is supposed to have a sense of humor, but do I always have to be the punchline?

Take for example this last week. A few mates and I had been planning a big martyrdom weekend for quite a while; it's something we first began discussing a few years ago in medical school back in Amman. We were sitting around the dorm eating pizza, cramming for a big anatomy final, when Ali said "you know, after graduation, we should get together for something really big." We talked about a fishing trip to Canada or something, but most of the guys thought that sounded pretty boring. Abdul suggested a golf weekend in Cancun, but the all-inclusives there can get pretty pricey in-season. Hassan (who's really into motorcycles) suggested renting Harleys and going to Sturgis for the Biker Rally, but we heard that crowd can get pretty rowdy.

Anyhoo, Achmed finally says, "how about packing cars with explosives and killing hundreds of random infidels in a coordinated series of gigantic fireballs?" And we're like, fuckin' A! Not only would we be it an awesome bonding experience (with plenty of Paradise poontang, LOL), we would be doing a valuable community service. Okay, so we high-fived and made a solemn promise that we'd target two years after graduation for the big weekend prank blowout.

I know how it usually goes with these kinds of fraternity things; what with starting up a medical practice, honor killing obligations, and starting a family, it's easy to lose touch with the old school buddies. But this thing -- our thing -- was serious, you know? Thanks to email we were able to keep in touch and keep the plan going. As luck would have it, we all won Achmedinijad scholarships to do our residencies in England for the National Health Service. We got our families together most every weekend for backyard cookouts and self-flagellation and TV football matches. Afterwards me and the other guys would slip out to the garage for cigars, and to pack shrapnel.
So okay, the big weekend arrives, and the guys come over to my place bright and early, everybody's jazzed about rolling up some kufr carnage. All the propane tanks and propellant and nail cannisters are ready to go. I look at Ali and say, "okay mate, back up your car to the garage and I'll start loading it up." He gets this dumbstruck look on his face and says, "my car? I thought Hassan was going to do the martyrdom." And then Hassan does a massive spit-take with his tea, and he's like, "whoa dude, I rigged the cell phones, I didn't agree to blow up. I thought Mohammed was going to do the blowing up." Then Mohammed's like, "don't look at me, pal, I thought I was just providing the spiritual guidance. Plus my car's in the shop for transmission work." From there it just descended into this big shouting match. Holy frickin' prophet, two years of planning this prank and now everybody wants to pussy out on the actual martyrdom.

Long story short, we decided to draw straws. And guess who wins? Yep, yours truly, good old sucker Khalid, the same guy with a pile of charge card receipts for petrol and propane and hardware. The same guy who ended up having to host two thirds of the martyrdom planning parties at HIS house, because his good old college "pals" always have some convenient excuse about "kitchen remodeling" or "MI6 surveillance," and never lift a finger to help clean up the empty bottles or paper plates or the C5 mess. Well, you know what they say: no good deed goes unpunished. Then the other short straw get pulled by Bilal, and I'm like, oh, great. Now I'll be banging some celestial virgin with that wanker looking over my shoulder.

Wow. Hit the nail on the friggin head with this one. Must read - see the entire post here.

Ford Support for Gays UP, Sales Down

From the American Family Association: Ford is actively supporting homosexual agendas (not that there's anything wrong with that), and is being rightly rewarded. Praise from the homosexual community, and a drop in sales.

The website lists the following:
  • Obviously, Ford thinks those who do not support homosexual marriage are not "inclusive and respectful". The campaign's top gift of $500,000 came from Allan Gilmour, former vice chairman of Ford Motor Company and was chairman of the Ford Motor Company Fund when gifts to homosexual organizations were made. Read More
  • Ford held the first automotive conference aimed at bringing diversity to the car industry. "Diversity" is a code word for homosexuality. By defining themselves as a minority such as African-Americans, homosexual activists seek to bolster their claims of needing special treatment. Encouraged by Ford, more than 100 multinational companies attended the meeting which, according to, included a goal of "broadening the number of LGBT workers in the field." Read More
  • Ford was given a 100% score on last year's Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index. Ford was the only automaker and the largest corporation to get this score. HRC Report
    Ford has been on the DiversityInc "Top 50 Companies for Diversity" list in each of the four years the rankings have been published. Read More
  • Ford actively recruited homosexuals for employment by advertising on gay job websites. Read More
    Ford hired a D.C. marketing firm to target the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender market and developed a plan to involve Ford in the day-to-day business of selling vehicles worldwide to gay and lesbian customers.Read More Portfolio
  • Ford was an executive sponsor of the 2004 "Out & Equal Workplace Summit Conference." The purpose of the event was to advance the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage, in major corporations.
  • Ford donated to the Michigan Gay Pride March a red Mustang Cobra convertible. This was the first time an auto manufacturer has donated a vehicle for the Michigan Gay Pride Parade. Read More
  • Ford has been an "Emerald Sponsor" of Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays (PFLAG), a national organization promoting the homosexual lifestyle including homosexual marriage.
  • Ford has been an annual sponsor of the "Reaching Out MBA Conference" that promotes the education, visibility, and networking capabilities of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender business leaders in the United States and around the globe.

Pro-Family organizations endorsing the boycott of Ford include:

  • American Family Association
  • Center for Reclaiming America
  • Citizens for Community Values
  • Vision America
  • Free Market Foundation
  • WIN Family Services
  • Liberty Counsel
  • Point of View Radio
  • Coalitions for America
  • Mayday for Marriage
  • Judeo-Christian Council
  • Constituent Vote
  • Faith2Action
  • Coalition for Marriage and Family
  • Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
  • National Association of Marriage Enhancement
  • VCY America Radio Network
  • Illinois Family Institute
  • Renew America
  • Christian Coalition International (Canada), Inc.
  • Truth Tellers
  • National Prayer Network
  • West Virginia Family Foundation
  • Awake America Ministries
  • Abiding Truth Ministries
  • The Pro-Family Law Center
  • Brian Camenker, Dir. Mass Resistance
  • Christian Family Coalition
  • United States Justice Foundation
  • Catholic Citizens of Illinois (CCI)
  • Values USA
(other organizations are expected to endorse the boycott during the next few weeks)

American Family Association, along with 18 other pro-family organizations, has called for a one-year boycott of Ford Motor Company. The boycott was called after Ford reneged on an agreement with American Family Association to stop funding homosexual groups which promote homosexual marriage.


I'm Proud to Be An American

Just in case you really want to sing along this Independence Day, here are the lyrics to Lee Greenwood's song.

God Bless the U.S.A.
© MCA Music
By Lee Greenwood

If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life,
And I had to start again with just my children and my wife.
I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today,
‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.

From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee,
across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea,

From Detroit down to Houston and New York to LA,
Well, there’s pride in every American heart,
and it’s time to stand and say:

I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.

God Bless The U.S.A. Words and Music by Lee Greenwood
All Rights Controlled and Administered by MUSIC CORPORATION OF AMERICA, INC.
International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved

DC radio commentary blasted by CAIR for Anti-muslim sentiment


Cal Thomas Targeted by CAIR for 'Incitement'
This article was written by Susan Jones, senior editor at

An Islamic advocacy group is urging its supporters to call a Washington, D.C., radio station to "express your concerns about the Islamophobic attitudes" expressed by conservative columnist and author Cal Thomas.

In a commentary on news-talk WTOP radio Monday morning, Thomas discussed the car-bomb terror attacks recently thwarted in the United Kingdom. The eight Muslims arrested in connection with the plot include several physicians.

"How much longer should we allow people from certain lands, with certain beliefs to come to Britain and America and build their mosques, teach hate, and plot to kill us?" Thomas asked.

He also compared Muslims to a "slow spreading cancer" that must be stopped.

In its message to supporters, the Council on American-Islamic Relations described Thomas' remarks as "incitement." The message included the name and work telephone number of WTOP's vice president of programming.

In recent years, CAIR has issued a number of "incitement watches" which CAIR's critics view as efforts to squelch free speech.

On Tuesday, July 17, CAIR plans to host a panel discussion in Washington on "the increasing anti-Muslim rhetoric within the conservative movement in the United States."

The panelists will include David Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, and Parvez Ahmed, CAIR chairman.

The discussion will focus "on the negative impact of [anti-Muslim] views on religious tolerance in America and on relations with the Muslim world," CAIR said.

Let's see, what's the treatment for cancer? Radiation! And lots of it!

UPDATE: Cal Thomas kickin' ass of the jihadists on Neil Cavuto (H/T, Atlas Shrugged):

NewsMax: Huckabee Gets 'F' from Conservatives


Huckabee's Record: Anything But Conservative

Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee wants to be seen as — in his own words — an "authentic" conservative, but his governing record shows he does not live up to the image.

Despite Huckabee's campaign mantra, "I'm proud of my record as a fiscal conservative," by the end of his second term as Arkansas governor he had raised sales taxes 37 percent, fuel taxes 16 percent, and cigarettes taxes 103 percent.

These actions and others while in the governor's mansion in Little Rock helped ramp up total state tax revenues from $3.9 billion to $6.8 billion.

For doing so, Huckabee earned the failing grade of "F" on the Cato Institute's 2006 governors' fiscal report card. The Washington-based think tank awarded the candidate a "D" for his overall term.

He also received a failing grade from the tax watchdog group Club for Growth.

"Gov. Huckabee says he is a fiscal conservative," Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said at the time of Huckabee's entry into the presidential sweepstakes, "but his 10-year economic-policy record as the governor of Arkansas is mixed, at best. His history includes numerous tax hikes, ballooning government spending, and increased regulation.

"To be sure, Gov. Huckabee's record displays an occasional deference to a pro-growth philosophy, but that is only a small slice of a much bigger picture," Tommey asserts.

Since entering the race, Huckabee appears to have become born-again on tax matters.

After initial hesitation, Huckabee signed the famous Taxpayer Protection Pledge against tax increases perennially sponsored by the Americans for Tax Reform (ATR).

"The tax increases Huckabee supported as governor in Arkansas were a mistake and cannot be defended," Grover Norquist, president of ATR, told NewsMax.

"However, as a presidential candidate, he has clearly learned that tax increases are always a mistake and he has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge against tax increases. He has spoken in favor of a number of significant tax reductions that he would support. Elections are about the future."

Such confidence represents a sea change for Norquist, who once recalled Huckabee saying that he would only raise taxes if his arm were twisted. Norquist then quipped: "He has a history of allowing his arm to be twisted and twisting others' arms."

In the pre-pledge-signing days, Norquist — in an obvious reference to Huckabee's once scale-breaking weight — joked, "We like chubby governors and skinny budgets. Not the other way around."

Club for Growth's Toomey is not so impressed by Huckabee's affirmation to the ATR that he won't increase taxes as president.

"I'm glad to see he signed the pledge, but as a given matter, what politicians have done is a better indicator than what they say they're going to do," Toomey said. "His record clearly does not indicate a strong commitment to limited government."

In its "white paper" review of the candidate, the Club lamented that while governor, Huckabee "consistently supported and initiated measures that increase government's interference in markets, thereby impeding economic growth.

"He told the Washington Times he supports ‘empowering people to make their own decisions,' but many of his key proposals have done just the opposite."

Here are some of those proposals:
  • Raised the minimum wage in April 2006 from $5.15 to $6.25 an hour; encouraged Congress to take the same initiative on a national level

  • Threatened to investigate price-gouging after 9/11 if gasoline prices went up too high

  • Ordered regulatory agencies in Arkansas to investigate price-gouging in the nursing home industry

  • Signed a bill into law that would prevent companies from raising their prices a mere 10 percent ahead of a natural disaster (Services like roof repair and tree removal were targeted)
Recently, the National Review tore into Huckabee, charging that he was certainly not the poster child for smaller government.

"During his tenure, the number of state government workers in Arkansas increased over 20 percent. Under Gov. Huckabee's watch, state spending increased a whopping 65.3 percent from 1996 to 2004, three times the rate of inflation, and the state's general obligation debt shot up by almost $1 billion," said the National Review.

Pardoning a Murderer

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Leader newspaper has hounded Huckabee every inch of the campaign trail.

One characteristic editorial chided the candidate for masquerading as a fiscal conservative at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, where Huckabee received a warm reception:

"The delegates may not have known that he helped arrange the largest expansions of government-paid medical care in Arkansas history (largely paid by U.S. taxpayers), compiled a larger general-obligation debt than all previous governors combined, increased the number of government employees by 20 percent in only nine-and-a-half years, and conducted a liberal policy of criminal pardons and commutations."

That latter mention of a liberal policy of criminal pardons has long been an albatross around the neck of the former Baptist minister and president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Case-in-point: Wayne Dumond, a convicted rapist who was released during Huckabee's tenure as governor and who subsequently sexually assaulted and murdered a woman in Missouri following his release.

In October 1996, Huckabee met privately with the parole board to talk about the Dumond case. Some members of the board have since stated that they were pressured to re-examine and vote in favor of Dumond's parole. Huckabee has denied influencing the parole board in any way, but acknowledges some responsibility for signing Dumond's parole.

Dumond's case had gained some celebrity status in the mid 1990s from critics of President Bill Clinton who felt the former Arkansas governor had been too harsh with Dumond because Dumond's initial victim was a distant Clinton relative.

Whatever nettlesome baggage he carries, Huckabee is banking that the electorate will concentrate instead on his message.

Huckabee declined to be interviewed for this story.

Today, not surprisingly a good part of the Huckabee message is about taxes.

"I want to completely eliminate all federal income and payroll taxes. And do I mean all — personal federal, corporate federal, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, self-employment," Huckabee says. "Instead we will have the FairTax, a simple tax based on wealth."

And while on the subject of taxes, Huckabee has shrugged off the criticisms of those who charge him with having been a tax-and-spend executive while in office.

On stumps, he says that during his 10 1/2 years as governor, he cut taxes more than 90 times — saving taxpayers almost $380 million. He also points to how he doubled the child care tax credit and eliminated the marriage penalty from the tax code, while cutting welfare rolls by nearly 50 percent and balancing the state budget.
We must continue to weed these RINOS from the ranks of the GOP.

Tom Tancredo Rips Giuliani, Brownback on Immigration


Tom Tancredo Rips Rudy Giuliani on Immigration
Monday, July 2, 2007 1:28 p.m. EDT

Republican presidential hopeful Tom Tancredo criticized two of his GOP rivals on their commitment to combat illegal immigration.

The Colorado congressman was in Ames, Iowa to open a campaign office and seek support for the Aug. 11 straw poll in Ames.

Tancredo said he is running for president because no other candidate has as strong a commitment to illegal immigration as he does.

He said Rudy Giuliani, a former New York City mayor, has tried to make it a "sanctuary city" for illegal immigrants.

"He's now happy as a clam with the idea of securing our borders and going after immigration - it's great," Tancredo said. "It's wonderful. I don't believe a word of it."

Tancredo said Sam Brownback has blocked immigration reform efforts in 1996.

"He's been an open-border guy for years," Tancredo said. "During a 1996 debate on the issue, he was the primary opponent to most the reform issues. Now he's trying to, quote, modify his approach and say he's always been with us."

A telephone message to Brownback's campaign was not immediately returned.
Jarrod Agen, a Giuliani campaign spokesman, said Giuliani has long worked to get illegal immigrants removed from the country and called Tancredo's comments "inaccurate."
"Mayor Giuliani has made it clear that he is against amnesty and that one of his full commitments is to end illegal immigration in the United States," Agen said.

No surprises here. Tancredo, from illegal-immigrant overrun Colorado, said last year, if we suffer another terrorist attack on US soil at the hands of the islamist jihadists, to BOMB MECCA. That's who I want as president, someone with big, Rocky Mountain Oysters (that's cajones if you're from Juarez).


H/T to Michelle Malkin's Hot Air, from the Daily Express:


Tuesday July 3,2007
By Macer Hall, Political Editor

Gordon Brown has banned ministers from using the word “Muslim” in ­connection with the ­terrorism crisis.

The Prime Minister has also instructed his team – including new Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – that the phrase “war on ­terror” is to be dropped.

The shake-up is part of a fresh attempt to improve community relations and avoid offending Muslims, adopting a more “consensual” tone than existed under Tony Blair.

However, the change provoked claims last night that ministers are indulging in yet more political correctness.

The sudden shift in tone emerged in comments by Mr Brown and Ms Smith in the wake of the failed attacks in London and Glasgow.

Mr Brown’s spokesman acknowledged yesterday that ministers had been given specific guidelines to avoid inflammatory language.

“There is clearly a need to strike a consensual tone in relation to all communities across the UK,” the spokesman said. “It is important that the country remains united.”

He confirmed that the phrase “war on terror” – strongly associated with Mr Blair and US President George Bush – has been dropped.

Officials insist that no direct links with Muslim extremists have been publicly confirmed by police investigating the latest attempted terror attacks. Mr Brown himself did not refer to Muslims or Islam once in a BBC TV interview on Sunday.

Ms Smith also avoided any such reference in her statement to MPs yesterday.

No surprise, given the French-style surrender of all of Europe to all things muslim.