Monday, October 30, 2006

News Flash: Bush Signs Fence Bill, but it's already being built

From YouTube, video of Colin Hanna's appearance on Hannity & Colmes. Mr. Hanna is President of Let Freedom Ring and, a group of Patriots who are already building a fence with private funds. Another group of Patriots, with similar intent, are building the Minutemen Border Fence.

As Mr. Hanna says, the bill-signing is just an election ploy, since Congress hasn't provided any funding.

They have my donation already. Why not make one today at either WeNeedAFence or the Minuteman Border Fence? If you're a Patriot, you should think about either volunteering your time or money to make this happen.

We need a fence to stem the tide of illegal immigrants into the United States. The issue is not the average wetback coming across the border to work the jobs that Americans [supposedly] won't work, but the drug dealers, the Mexican military, the diseased livestock, the environmental impact, and the open doors for islamic terrorists to waltz in unchallenged.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Take home some Dhimmy Dean pork [project] sausage

From the White Trash Republican, working on her photoshop skills. Brilliant!

CAIR's Dougie Hooper on Tucker Carlson: Muslims back Dhimmicrats

H/T to Little Green Footballs:

No surprise, they have the same agenda: Death to the West!

The EID Sexual Harassment Incident

H/T to Little Green Footballs. Here's a report of islamic-inspired sexual assaults and riots happening in Egypt, and of the lack of reponse by the Egyptian police:

The Eid sexual harassment incident

I didn't want to write about this.

Hell, I didn't even want to know about it.

I remember the first time I heard of it while I was in Amman. Eblis sent me an e-mail titled "Behold the revolution in Egypt" with a link to malek's post on it and I stupidly clicked on it and was presented with a reality that I didn't want or desire to confront.

The story is as follows for the those of you who didn't hear about it: It was the first day of Eid, and a new film was opening downtown. Mobs of males gatherd trying to get in, but when the show was sold out, they decided they will destroy the box office. After accomplishing that, they went on what can only be described as a sexual frenxy: They ran around grabbing any and every girl in sight, whether a niqabi, a Hijabi or uncoverd. Whether egyptian or foreigner. Even pregnant ones. They grabbed them, molested them, tried to rip their cloths off and rape them, all in front of the police, who didn't do shit. The good people of downtown tried their best to protect the girls. Shop owners would let the girls in and lock the doors, while the mobs tried to break in. Taxi drivers put the girls in the cars while the mobs were trying to break the glass and grab the girls out. It was a disgusting pandamonium of sexual assaults that lasted for 5 houres from 7:30 PM to 12:30 am, and it truns my stomach just to think about it.

I called my father when I heard of that happening, and he informed me that he didn't hear of it at all. They watched Al Jazeerah, CNN, flipped through opposition newspapers, and nothing. Nada. Nobody mentioned it. As if it didn't happen.

But it did.

Read the entire article here.

Why isn't the mainstream media reporting this? Doesn't fit their agenda, won't work to get Dhimmicrats elected... Who knows. It's coming our way, though, just look at that muzzy state up north - Dearbornistan.

Brilliant! Charlie Brown as a radical muslim

From The Jawa Report:

Outstanding. I wonder how many towelheads will riot over this?

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America

A new book by Brigitte Gabriel tells her story, a survivor of islamic terror. There's some pretty compelling stuff at her website, as well. I'm ordering a copy of the book, I'll review it as soon as I'm finished reading it.

From American Congress for Truth (H/T to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch)

"Evil prevails when good people do nothing. With the spread of radical Islamic fundamentalism throughout the world, it is important for the people of the western world to know and understand whatto expect and what to do about it. We are faced with a war that has been declared on Christians and Jews in America and the world. Citizens of the most powerful country on earth watched in horror on 9/11, 2001 as a handful of men brought the United States of America to its knees. Wall Street froze, the stock market tumbled, and national air traffic ground to a halt. The West faces a threat more menacing today than the past goals of communist world domination.

We are facing an enemy that uses children as human bombs, mothers as suicide bombers, and men driven by the glory of death and the promise of eternal sexual bliss in heaven. We are fighting an enemy that loves death more than we love life. I am a victim of the Lebanese civil war, which was the first front in the worldwide Jihad of militant Islam against the only Christian country in the Middle East. My family’s home was shelled and destroyed leaving me wounded. I lived underground in a bomb shelter from age 10 to 17 without electricity and very little food. I had to crawl under sniper bullets to a spring to fetch water for my elderly parents. I was betrayed by my country, rescued by my enemy Israel, the Jewish State that is under attack for its existence today."

I urge you to visit this website and sign the anti-islamic petitions there. This isn't about being "islamophobic." Everyone that isn't muslim should be very, very afraid. According to the followers of the prophet Muhammed, we have three choices: convert, submit and pay a special tax (and live as second-class citizens), or die.

We MUST stop the spread of this hateful religion and culture throughout the US and North America.

Say "Cheese"

From Debbie Schlussel:

We received this fun photo from soldiers serving in Iraq. The photo features an up-armored HUMVEE with a Browning .50-cal machine gun turret. This is a convoy escort vehicle.

Sort of a 21st-century "Kilroy was here."

Jihad or No Jihad?

From Debbie Schlussel:

Remember how NBC's "Dateline" was trying to set up NASCAR fans as racist against Muslims? Remember how they recruited Muslims to wear the full garb to NASCAR races, with the hope of entrapping NASCAR Americans as bigots?
Well, now CBS is at it. Check out this announcement from Craig's List-New York, pointed out by Sultan Knish, and note how they seek to defame American "families who have traditional family values" as "Islamophobic":

Do you get nervous when you see a Muslim on an airplane? (Midtown)
Reply to:
Date: 2006-10-29, 6:35PM EST

Let's all email Ashton and let him know exactly why we should all be afraid of muzzies on an airplane. I can think of 19 reasons.

Check out the full post at Debbie's blog here.

Truer words were never spoken...

Favorite Quotes from The Gipper, Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States of America:

From the Patriot Post Archive:
"Sometimes it seems [the news media] are less interested in legitimate news than they are in proving their knowledge and wisdom is superiorthan ours. The most frustrating thing is when I have the facts to provethem wrong but cannot reveal those facts without endangering securityor wrecking some plan we're engaged in."

From The Quotations Page:
"My fellow Americans, I am pleased to tell you I just signed legislation which outlaws Russia forever. The bombing begins in five minutes."
[Said during a radio microphone test, 1984]

Also from the Quotations Page:
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

"Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged."

Also from
"I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress."

And one more from, just because it's too good:
"Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong."
If only we had a leader with his vision and strength today.

"The Main Event" -- Buckeye Football, not Babs

From the Oct 19 Columbus fishwrap, otherwise known as the Dispatch:

Published: Thursday, October 19, 2006 SPORTS 01B

By Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch

Let those with ears hear: Rudimentary religion is alive and well among Buckeyes fans, where praise and prophesying rival that of a Pentecostal tent revival.

Preach it, brother.

Beware the evils of ESPNU.

It's going to be No. 1 vs. No. 2 in the 'Shoe come Nov. 18.

Any old smooth-talking devil would be better than Brent Musburger.

It's funny how some Ohio State fans accept the secular sermonizing, but they get nervous when someone from inside the program offers a prayerful "Oh ... my God."

The reasons for the worry vary, but among them is the thought that religion is fine -- as long as it doesn't detract from an undefeated season. The externals are what matter most: film study, focusing on Michigan, mouthing the words to Carmen Ohio, no gray on their sleeves.

The internal issues -- such as whether to wear faith on their sleeves -- are best kept secret, which is why it will be interesting to watch the reaction to a faith-based public outreach scheduled for Oct. 30 in St. John Arena.

The free event, dubbed "The Main Event," is billed as an opportunity for OSU fans to get to know what makes some of their favorite Buckeyes tick. It should be subtitled, "It's what's on the inside that counts."

Organized by senior defensive lineman Joel Penton and endorsed by coach Jim Tressel, the evening event -- paid for primarily with donations from area churches -- will show people what the two dozen or so born-again Christians on the team do when they're not making Michigan State look like Jones Middle School.

"Most people only get to see us on TV, only get to see what we do in football. They don't get an inside look at the people we really are," defensive lineman David Patterson said.

Do people care to know the who (Patterson)? Or just the what (Ohio State football player)? We shall see. It seems fair that if you're going to judge a player by the stories in Sunday's paper, then it wouldn't hurt to listen to the stories in his heart.

But there's a risk in getting to know the person, because then booing him doesn't seem so impersonal.

On the other side, there's a risk in being seen as someone not completely committed to bringing the Buckeyes their second national championship in five seasons.

"If you're going to speak to the Red Cross banquet on Thursday, it's like, 'He should be working on the game plan,' " Tressel said. "But we want (college football) to be a whole experience, and we'll take that risk."

No wonder Tressel proudly says Penton spends as much time preparing for "The Main Event" as for the Buckeyes' 12 weekly main events. It's not that Tress doesn't care about beating the Wolverines -- "We want to win games and we better win games," he said -- just that he cares more about the internals. He talks of the expectations put upon freshmen when they arrive on campus having been king of their high school communities.

"Everyone who goes out of town with the marching band is expecting him to take over the world and lead Ohio State to championships and go on to the NFL as the No. 1 pick, and it doesn't always happen that way," he said. "There are always battles, just the normal things that normal students not playing football have to adjust to. But the thing they have that they can hold onto is their faith. That's their rock."

Which is why some Buckeyes want to talk about it, Tressel said, mentioning Penton, Patterson and receiver Roy Hall, who wonders what all the fuss is about. "We're not giving a church service. We just want people to come out and listen," Hall said. "Faith can begin with just listening."

Listening? That's a novel approach. Much of the din this season -- and it's only going to grow louder -- comes from the harangue and hyperbole of those whose noise knows no bounds.

Finding perspective among the pandemonium can be difficult. Some Buckeyes and their coach want to make it easier.

I'll bet the Dispatch will be surprised when a capacity crowd shows up for the event.
Wow. Now we have God on our side, and along with WWH, how can we go wrong? (Although I think WWH is rolling in his grave when he sees Troy Smith pass so much)

Good for you, Tress. You ARE the complete package.

Rosferatu in the Blogosphere Again

H/T to Pro Ecclesia, A Catholic blog covering matters related to Church, Family, & Politics:

Catholic League: "The View" Sports Bigotry
From the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights:
October 27, 2006


Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented on today’s edition of the ABC-TV show, “The View”:“As we have recounted several times before, there is an anti-Catholic animus evident among the panelists on ‘The View,’ with Rosie O’Donnell and Joy Behar being the worst offenders. Today they were at it again, trotting out the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church one more time. The occasion for their outburst was an exchange they had with their guest, Amy Berg, the director of ‘Deliver Us From Evil,’ a recent documentary on the scandal that was a box-office bomb.

“When Behar said that the molesting priests were pedophiles, not gays, she was either lying or mistaken. This is not a matter of opinion—it is simply wrong to pretend that pedophilia is the problem. As any honest person who has seen the data knows, the majority of the victims were postpubescent, not little kids. And since 81 percent of the victims were male, and 100 percent of the victimizers were male, the problem is one of homosexuality, not pedophilia.

“Another lie or mistake was made when O’Donnell said, and Berg concurred, that ‘The current pope was the person who was supposed to investigate these charges of sex abuse in the Church in the last 20 years.’ As a matter of fact, when Pope Benedict XVI was Cardinal Ratzinger, he was not appointed to deal with this problem until 2002—after the scandal hit the newspapers.“Barbara Walters stands behind all this bigotry—it’s her show.”

Contact the executive producer of “The View,” Bill Geddie, at

Once again, the evil Rosferatu is all mixed up. What a surprise.

Sounds like she has some SERIOUS issues with religion, specifically Christianity. Wonder if she was spanked by a Nun when she attended Catholic School?

I have an idea, Rosie: shut up!

A Sad Reminder of Where We're Headed...

H/T to Debbie Schlussel. A Detroit-area Catholic Church, forced to sell because of a lack of parishoners, soon to be a mosque:

On the Edge of Hamtrackstan, a Sad Sign of the Times
By Debbie Schlussel
The Detroit Catholic Church, Our Lady Help of Christians Church, will close after 83 years.

Sadly, after celebrating its final Mass on Sunday, it will become a mosque. The Archdiocese of Detroit sold it to the Islamic Center of North Detroit. Bangladeshi Muslims will now pray to Allah, there. While the church is in Detroit, it's on the border of Michigan's second or third caliphate, Hamtramckstan. The dhimmization (or, dhimmification--take your pick) of America continues. Maybe they can call it, "Our Lady of Halalish Uncovered Meat."

(Interesting that the Detroit Newsistan lists this story as a "lifestyle" story. Their lifestyle over ours.)

Like an old flight instructor of mine used to say when the stall horn was going off in the Cessna 172 Skyhawk:
"You better do something!"

(At least I don't live in that nasty state up north. Pretty soon, the U of M will be saying islamic prayers at the fifty yard line after they lose to the Christian Crusadin' Buckeyes again.)

Speaking of Comics: Paul Nowak

His work speaks for itself. Volumes. (H/T to Texas Hold 'Em Blogger)

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