Sunday, October 29, 2006

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

This film seems to be gaining ground. There's a new post today on Michelle Malkin's Hot Air about this film. It was apparently uploaded in its entirety to YouTube, then removed. At one point, it was on Google Video. The producers are attempting to regain some of their investment by preventing online piracy and selling the video at their website.

There's a 12-minute abridged version on Google Video now.

We commented on it several weeks ago, after hearing about it on Glenn Beck. Still waiting on my DVD to arrive. I'll have a review of it here after I receive it, plus I'll be trying to set up screenings of this movie in central Ohio.

Why I Love the Comics

I remember in Journalism school many moons ago, a perfesser telling us that statistics show that people who are more educated and more intelligent tend to read the comics, the sports page and the op-ed page religiously. Gee, I guess that means all that money on college wasn't wasted.

Today's (Sunday 10/29/06) Sunday comics have been infiltrated by political commentary. Not the usual lefty loonies like Trudeau's Doonesbury or the Berkley Breathed strip Opus, but strips like Hi & Lois and Foxtrot.

Hi and Lois is like the 'Father Knows Best' of comics. It's been around forever, has quaint little funny family tales, but occasionally has something that causes you to think. Today's Hi & Lois comic has the twins fighting over halloween costumes, until the mother tells them to pick "polar opposites." The kids comply: in the final panel they appear as democrats and republicans. What's interesting is the republican is dressed as a businessman, the democrat as a 60's hippie. How perceptive!

Today's Foxtrot comic, by Bill Amend, speaks to the scariness of electronic voting machines, but more importantly: how most people don't care about this 'politics' stuff.

Right on target.