Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Done with Schlussel

Wow. She's supposed to be a conservative, but she just doesn't get it. She's railing on Palin today, calling her an empty suit.

Debbie Schlussel has been an important contributor to the anti-jihad and the anti-illegal immigration movement, but she's become as vile as the Kos Kids. I just can't stand it anymore. Her favorite thing to write about is, well, herself, about all the hate email she gets and how the ICE doesn't prosecute all the muslims who call her a four-letter word. I suspect many people have called her bad things regardless of their political views.

Regardless of Palin's qualifications, sometimes you just have to shut up and make the sale. I'm not the biggest McCain supporter, but if the obamessiah gets elected, we'll have a lot more to complain about. I suspect that's the issue here -- she needs more material for her blog for the next four years.

I'm pulling the plug from my blogroll. Not that it's going to have a big impact on her readership.

Monday wisdom from The Gipper

Courtesy of The Patriot Post:

“I believe that the people you and I represent are ready to chart a new course. They look to us to meet the great challenge, to reach beyond the commonplace and not fall short for lack of creativity or courage... We can restore our economic strength and build opportunities like none we’ve ever had before. As Carl Sandburg said, all we need to begin with is a dream that we can do better than before. All we need to have is faith, and that dream will come true. All we need to do is act, and the time for action is now.” —Ronald Reagan

Boy, do we need someone like him now.