Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Q: Does David Letterman spit or swallow?

I used to be a David Letterman fan, but I'm done.

The obamessiah is on Letterman tonight, and Oh. My. God.

Could Letterman possibly be a bigger suckup? He practically strapped on the kneepads and started slurping the minute hussein showed up.

I've seen Letterman fawn over hot girls, slobber over cute guests, etc. That pales in comparison. And it appears Letterman was given his talking points by the obamessiah campaign.

Let's hope hussein at least gives Letterman a reach-around. Doubt it.

NY Post: Why obamessiah is flailing

According to this article at the NY Post website today, the hussein campaign is falling flat because the obamessiah has never had to win a real election:

IF it suddenly seems like the Obama campaign doesn't have any idea what it's doing, maybe that's because it doesn't.

Barack Obama has never run a campaign against a real Republican. And his main strategist, David Axelrod, is way out of his areas of expertise.

Axelrod specializes in urban politics. He's run a bunch of mayoral races (usually in cities with lots of blacks), plus contests in true-blue states like Massachusetts and New York.

And his favorite guns may well misfire now.

Sounds reasonable. Obama cheated fellow democrats in his first state senate election by getting ALL the competition thrown off the ballot for not having enough legitimate signatures on their registration petitions. He won his Senate race with an October surprise on his republican competition, conveniently getting the other candidate's divorce papers publicly released to kill the poor schmoe's chances.

I think hussein is clueless. His arrogance and lousy delivery are going to sink him.