Friday, October 06, 2006

America to Congress: You're Fired!

God, am I frustrated.

America is in the fight for the very existence of our civilization: we're fighting islamic extremists around the world; we're being invaded by illegals from Mexico and who knows where else, protesting for their 'rights'; our society is being infiltrated from within by islamists trying to establish shari'a and an islamic state; our national security is being compromised by weak-kneed, politically correct politicians on both side of the fence --- I could go on, and on, and on.

The country's in a mess, and what is Congress and the mainstream media focusing on? The Mark Foley 'scandal' of a congressman who sent some nasty IMs to a page. Big f*cking deal! Shut up and sit down! I don't care if you all want to suck c*ck, or shove one up your *ss, or lick the sh*t off them.


Congress, CBS news, NBC, ABC (Rosferatu and the VIEW), CNN, you're all WHORES selling your souls to the highest bidder.

The only thing anyone in our government, elected or otherwise, appears to care about, is covering their own ass.

WTF? I give up. Fire them all. Time to cut our losses and start over.

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