Friday, August 29, 2008

Thoughts on McCain/Palin vs Obama/Biden

My wife's nephew, who works for the obamessiah campaign, says he thinks the Obamas are genuine.

If by genuine, you mean genuine Marxists, I believe he is correct. I believe we are defined by our associations, especially long-term ones.

The difference between McCain and Obama is that McCain's past is largely known and mostly public knowledge.

Why is Obama trying to downplay his _long-term_ past associations with America- and white-haters(Rev. Wright), with convicted criminals(Tony Rezko), with domestic terrorists(William Ayers), with communist sympathizers (Frank Marshall Davis), and his training by a socialist rabble rouser (Saul Alinsky)? For God's sake, he announced his candidacy in Ayers' living room! Doesn't sound like just a 'neighbor' who's kids play together. (BTW, Ayers' kids are all grown, doubt their kids play together).

Why is the Obama campaign (in a very organized way - see Politico) trying to shut down ANY criticism of Obama, rather than honestly answer the questions we have about his past?

My wife's nephew also thinks Biden will destroy Palin in the debates. I say the debates don't really matter to anyone who already follows the campaign.

Regarding the debates, the 1960 debate was the first televised debate. JFK was a pretty boy, much slicker than Nixon (much like Obama vs. McCain) on camera, and the public was taken aback by his attractiveness. I think America is smarter now, they want substance, which is why so many intelligent people don't support Obama. He's very smooth, very articulate, very good with a teleprompter, but when he's not making a prepared speech, he, uh, well, uh, he, he ...doesn't do very well.

And what Obama does say policy-wise, most of us don't want to hear:
  • We DON'T want more taxes to support a failed social agenda
  • we DON'T want to 're-distribute' income from the rich to the poor (at least, not thru a socialist government)
  • we DON'T want to 'penalize' big oil (other countries actually subsidize their oil producers!!)
  • we DON'T want to lay down and let the rest of the world run over us (politically, financially or militarily).
Even the previous messiah of the Democratic party, JFK, understood how tax cuts work to benefit the economy, creating jobs for the everyday joe. It's been said JFK would be part of the other party if he were in politics today. I really doubt it, but it is a reflection of how far left the Democrats have moved since the 1960's.

Better start working on plan B if you're an Obama supporter. Seriously. People want change, but we don't want the change to socialism and bigger government with its big spending.

It's going to be a tight race, only because of the support Obama gets from the gushing leftmedia. I have the tube on right now, and all the liberal syncophants are saying what a poor choice Palin is. They are hands down wrong. I don't think she'll pull many of the hard-core Hillary(who interned with Saul Alinsky as well) supporters, but McCain is appealing to who his own base SHOULD be -- conservatives.

Many, many conservatives who were going to sit this one out now don't have to be (as) drunk and hold their nose (as much) to pull the lever for McCain in Nov. Perhaps Palin can influence McCain into more conservative stances on immigration and the myth of global warming?

They're also saying Palin "isn't ready to be President." She has a year more experience as a politician than Obama, but her's is as an executive, not as a legislator. And she's more mainstream than Obama (or McCain, for that matter), sharing views with a majority of Americans outside the coastlines. She also has a reputation as a reformer and unimpeachable record (I've been following her for awhile).

If nothing else, the next couple of months should be interesting.

McCain/Palin - new hope for America?

McCain isn't the moron political strategist we thought. Picking Sarah Palin as his VP running mate is true brilliance, on many points:
  • She's a true conservative. She has a special needs child (born this year). She knows the true meaning of the sanctity of life, obviously anti-abortion.
  • She's a woman. If not outright stealing the Hillary supporters, McCain will sure make them think about voting for McCain/Palin.
  • She's really up-to-date on energy issues. She's pro-drilling in ANWR.
  • She's not afraid to take on establishment Republicans. She has been fighting corruption in her own party in her state.
  • She's not afraid to take on Washington. She's definitely a Washington outsider. She is suing the Federal Gov'mint over its designation of the polar bear as an endangered species.
  • She appears to be someone with real cajones, real principles, real morals.
In short, someone we need very badly.

Apparently, the timing of the announcement the morning after the obmessiah's Mt. Olympus speech is brilliant as well. The wires are buzzing with the noise of the pick, drowning out the resonance of BHO's acceptance speech last night.

I'm not sure of her stance on illegal immigration, but if her other stances are any indication, she should be right in line with other true conservatives.


Bravo, John McCain. Bravo.