Monday, September 01, 2008

Experience: Palin(VP candidate) vs. Obama (POTUS candidate)

A brilliant comparison of Palin vs. the Obamessiah, head to head at seals the deal. This is a long list of comparisons on many subjects.

In particular:

Executive experience:
Palin:Governor for 2 years, Mayor for 10 years.
Hussein, zip.

Reactions to spouse's political success (from the candidates' spouses):
Palin: Quit 17-year BP Oil job when BP became involved in natural gas pipeline negotiations with wife's administration.
Hussein: Promoted and given 160% pay raise by University of Chicago hospitals within months of husband's election to US Senate; Employer received $1 million federal earmark, requested by husband after her promotion.

In current office because:
Palin: Upset sitting Governor in GOP primary due to public support for her efforts to clean up corrupt government establishment.
Hussein: Republican opponent, who was leading in the polls, was forced to leave race after unsealing of divorce records (shortly before the election - how convenient) exposed a scandal.

Hope and change, indeed. Read the entire article.