Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry, the Straw Man

From White Trash Republican, comes this ever-so-accurate portrait of John Kerry. The only thing missing is the foot in the mouth.

Dude...Project much?What I want to know is WHY anyone is paying any attention to this shiftless, useless sack of skin and crap?(Pssst...John, I wouldn't be doing any "fact finding" tours of Iraq any time soon. Just saying.

Afterall, our boys in the military are just a bunch of dumb, uneducated brutes...anything could happen.)

UPDATE: Now with song! (my deepest apologies to the Harburg & Arlen
families, a parodist, I ain't.)

I appear before the cameras,
the media goes bananas
My brilliance leaves them stunned.
I tell the kids to get some learning
And they'll make a better earning
Than some E2 in Iraq.

Our army's full dumb brutes
An unwashed mob of galoots
Dropouts by the score
Better stay in school and work hard,
Or you'll end up like those bastards
quiremired down in Iraq.

Oh I just don't know why
People hate me like they do
I was only saying things that are really true.
The army's full
of pinhead fools.

An learned life is really sumpin'
Mass riches insteada nuthin'-
Depending who you wed.
You can disparage your country's bravest
And then say they are the lamest-
And sleep cozy in your own bed!


I truly hope he runs for president again in '08. If that's all the moonbats have to offer, it'll be like shootin' fish in a barrel.

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