Saturday, October 04, 2008

10 Things McCain must do to win

Bill Hobbs, Communications Director for the Tennessee Republican Party, lays out his plan for the McCain/Palin camp to succeed:

1. Return to Michigan
He suggests sending Sara'Cuda and Todd to mingle with the folk in that state up north, to remind them what a schlub their current Democratic governor is, how her tax and spend policies have accelerated the demise of that state.

2. Run against the bailout
Althought he did sign the bill, he should point out it's "the only economic package that Congress could come up with and pass while operating in a crisis."

As Hobbs says, "The bailout bill is like giving a transfusion to a gunshot victim while neither removing the bullet or closing the wound. McCain needs to point out who pulled the trigger." The Dhimmicrats, of course.

3. Don't run against Congress. Run against Washington.

4. Hammer Obama on the Wall Street mess. It's the Dhimmicrat's faults much more than GW's 'failed policies.' (If I hear that phrase from another dhimmi, I'm going to start shooting.)

Dems want to blame 'deregulation' by Bush, but most of the deregulation they wrongly blame pre-dates Bush. Both Bush and McCain proposed legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie that might have prevented the current crisis. Dems like Sen. Chris Dodd and Elmer Fudd (aka Barney Frank) killed their proposals.

5. Hammer Washington for the pork, earmarks and giveaways stuffed into the bailout bill.

Hobbs quotes McCain, who has said numerous times (including the event at the Capital Center here in Columbus last Monday): "You will know their names and I will make them famous." McCain should start today on that promise.

6. Hammer Obama on his tax proposals and his spending proposals.

During the debates, Obama didn't name ONE THING he was going to cut as a result of the bailiout bill spending. Biden names only foreign aid. That money has to come from somewhere... I'm thinking from my paycheck.

Hobbs also reminds us how the dhimmicrats ALWAYS lie: "Obama promises to cut taxes. Bill Clinton promised that too when he was first running for president. A few weeks after he was worn in, Clinton raised taxes on the middle class."

7. Promise to submit only balanced budget proposals.

They say it can't be done, but unless we start trying, it's not gonna happen and we'll continue to rack up record deficits. It's symbolic, but it's a great ploy.

8. Point out, endlessly, that Joe Biden's tenure in Congress has been so effective that America doesn't have any problems that $700 billion in taxpayers' money can't fix.

Obviously, Biden's party was in a majority for most of those years.

9. Let Palin take the lead on economic issues.

As Hobbs notes, Palin has 'street cred' because of her real main street experience in small business. That should offset some of the complaints of McCain's family wealth.

10. ENERGY is the key to the campaign.

As Hobbs says, "energy policy is at the intersection of national security, foreign policy and the economy. So... hammer the link between higher energy costs and the struggling economy, and the link between foreign energy dependence and national security, and point out that Obama and the Democrat's opposition to significant increased domestic production of oil, natural gas and oil from shale means we'll continue sending $700 billion a year to foreign countries that don't like us very much."

Of all these proposals, I think #10 is the biggest opportunity for McCain to gain ground. As Sara'Cuda chided Biden in the debate, "the phrase is 'drill, baby, drill.'

Great article. Read it in its entirety here.

Of course, the biggest thing McCain must do is get out of his own way. After scoring big in the Veep debate with Sara'Cuda Thursday night, McCain is taking the weekend off.

God help us.