Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's Official: Bush is a Democratic Whore

I've been an ardent supporter of GW in two elections. Now, I'm ashamed to say I voted for him. Considering the alternatives, he's the lesser of many evils. God, these politicians suck.

It only makes sense that he was meeting with Pelosi and the new Dhimmicratic leadership the day after the election. He wanted to have a smoke with them after f*cking us.

I believe he purposefully held off firing secretary of defense Rumsfield until the day after the election BECAUSE HE WANTS THE DHIMMICRATS IN POWER TO HELP PASS HIS SWISS CHEESE IMMIGRATION LEGISLATION. Oh, he made a 'show of force' the last week or two leading up to the election, pretending to stump for Republicans. Funny, though, he didn't show up for the Real Republicans like Ken Blackwell (perhaps we wasn't invited).

Now, the Dhimmicrats are planning to scrap construction of any Mexico-US border fence.

Clearly, both parties are flying in the face of the majority of [current] American citizens, with poll after poll after poll indicating WE WANT A FENCE! Obviously, both sides are pandering to what they perceive as their next majority base - the wetbacks.

So, lube up with your K-Y, reach over and grab your ankles.

Expect more of the same from this sellout president and his Dhimmicratic majority.