Friday, October 06, 2006

Bob Woodward, Watch this Video

Bob Woodward, who's claim to fame is outing President Nixon and exposing the Watergate scandal, recently released his book damning the current administration for "hiding the facts" about the war in Iraq. How the hell does he know, other than selective interviews? He hasn't been there. These people have:

Midwest Heroes, a website supporting the troops who are fighting for our freedom and our western way of life, offers this video at YouTube:

I urge you to visit their website, read their stories, and support them. They appear to be part of the Progress for America organization that's been running the "They Want to Kill Us" ads to remind us of the importance of this job that needs to be done.

God bless these brave men and women in uniform who are fighting to preserve western civilization. To quote from this trailer, "These guys that are over there right now are doing a helluva job, and almost to a man, they want to finish the mission."

Hey Democrats, Cindy Sheehan, other lefty moonbats, ARE YOU LISTENING?

A Movie Every American Needs to See

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

Here's the trailer for the film every American needs to see. It's what the mainstream media isn't showing us -- they don't want us to know!

I urge you to buy a copy of this DVD and show it to as many people as you can.

Progress for America Releases New Video, Launches New Website

H/T to Ohio Conservative blogger, who received a contact from Progress for America, the organization responsible for the "They Want to Kill Us" ads appearing on national television recently. They've launched a new advocacy website -- United to Defeat Terrorism.

Little did I know the organization is associated with David Beamer, father of Flight 93 hero Todd "Let's Roll!" Beamer. God bless Mr. Beamer and his family, he raised a brave son and a true American. Mr. Beamer is distributing copies of United 93 to anyone that will hold a public screening.

United 93 is the recent feature film about the fourth flight hijacked by the islamic jihadists on Sept. 11, 2001. Todd and other brave passengers on the flight thwarted the efforts of the scumbag islamic hijackers to crash the plane into some government landmark in Washington DC; they ultimately lost their lives when the plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA.

Here's the latest video:

I urge you to support Mr. Beamers and PFA's efforts to get the words out about the war on these islamic sh*tbags.

Suggested double feature: Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West

America to Congress: You're Fired!

God, am I frustrated.

America is in the fight for the very existence of our civilization: we're fighting islamic extremists around the world; we're being invaded by illegals from Mexico and who knows where else, protesting for their 'rights'; our society is being infiltrated from within by islamists trying to establish shari'a and an islamic state; our national security is being compromised by weak-kneed, politically correct politicians on both side of the fence --- I could go on, and on, and on.

The country's in a mess, and what is Congress and the mainstream media focusing on? The Mark Foley 'scandal' of a congressman who sent some nasty IMs to a page. Big f*cking deal! Shut up and sit down! I don't care if you all want to suck c*ck, or shove one up your *ss, or lick the sh*t off them.


Congress, CBS news, NBC, ABC (Rosferatu and the VIEW), CNN, you're all WHORES selling your souls to the highest bidder.

The only thing anyone in our government, elected or otherwise, appears to care about, is covering their own ass.

WTF? I give up. Fire them all. Time to cut our losses and start over.