Sunday, September 17, 2006

Orthodox Church Archbishop attacks 'Islamic fanaticism'

rom Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, let's hope more Christian leaders have the cajones to join in the fray against the izlamonazis:

Expect more threats and murder until he apologizes also. "Orthodox Church Archbishop attacks 'Islamic fanatism,'" from AND, with thanks to Tommy:

Johannesburg (AND) In yet another furor to grip the Christian community, the head of the Orthodox Church of Greece has joined the Pope controversy by attacking what he calls Islamic fanaticism in Africa. In a scathing attack, barely 48 hours after a Somali Islamic cleric called for Muslims to kill the Pope for his Tuesday utterances, Archbishop Christodoulos told a sermon in Athens that Christians in Africa were suffering at the hands of ‘fanatic Islamists'.

"Many Christians on the Black Continent (Africa) suffer from fanatic Islamists. The example of Roman Catholic monks who were slaughtered last year... because they wore the cross and believed in our crucified Lord is still recent,” said Christodoulos.

The Archbishop’s remarks come as the Muslim world is seething with anger over Pope Benedict XVI’s quoting of a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who said innovations introduced by the Prophet Mohammed (the Islamic supreme leader) were "evil and inhuman".

The Pope has already been forced in submitting that he was "deeply sorry" after his remarks sparked outrage in the Muslim world, with Morocco calling back its envoy and Turkey casting doubts of Benedict’s scheduled visit in November – the first to a Muslim country.

However, if you read the Pope's apology carefully, he said he's sorry for upsetting the islamic world. He hasn't apologized for his remarks. And he shouldn't.

Islam must come to an end. Period.

Send your support to the Pope

As posted on Michelle Malkin's website, here's the Holy Father's email address, in case you want to send your words of support:

For the non-technical amongst you, replace the '-at-' with the @ sign for it to work properly.

I'm saying a prayer for all Catholics in the islamic world (which now, apparently includes the UK).

New York Times: Pope Owes 'Deep' Apology to Muslims

Right on target for the dhimmis at NYT, they're demanding an apology from the Holy Father for his comments last week.

Pope Benedict must issue a "deep and persuasive" apology for quotes used during a speech this week that described Islam as "evil and inhuman", The New York Times said in an editorial on Saturday.

"The world listens carefully to the words of any pope. And it is tragic and dangerous when one sows pain, either deliberately or carelessly," the Times said.

"He needs to offer a deep and persuasive apology, demonstrating that words can also heal," it added.

In a speech in Germany on Tuesday, the Pope quoted the 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, who said: "Show me just what Mohammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

Muslims worldwide have reacted angrily to Benedict's choice of quote and many have said he should apologize to dispel the impression he had joined a campaign against Islam.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi defended the Pope's lecture and said he did not mean to offend Muslims.

The Times editorial said this was not the first time Benedict has fomented discord between Christians and Muslims.

It cited a 2004 comment, when he was the Vatican's top theologian, against Turkey's joining the European Union because as a Muslim country, it was "in permanent contrast to Europe."

"A doctrinal conservative, his greatest fear appears to be the loss of a uniform Catholic identity, not exactly the best jumping-off point for tolerance or interfaith dialogue," the editorial said.

Here's a note to the Times: It's the Pope's job to denounce evil and satan, which is personified in islam. He should be joining a campaign against islam.

Pat Boone's Got It Right: Show Us the Pictures, PLEASE!

From WorldNetDaily, Pat Boone's article Saturday 9/16/06 is right on: we should keep viewing the images of the destruction of the twin WTC towers repeatedly until we defeat the very evil enemy that brought them down:

"If you keep pickin' at it, it'll never heal."

We've all heard that one, right? And when it comes to a physical wound, like a scab, it's true. Even when it comes to an emotional or psychic wound, it can be true.

But failing to dress and treat a physical wound – or burying and sublimating an emotional wound, instead of examining and dealing with it – can interfere with complete and proper healing, as well.

As we soberly contemplate the past five years since Sept. 11, 2001, there have been those, even in the usually sensation-exploitive media, who have felt we shouldn't look at the horrific images that bombarded us on those terrible days. Out of sensitivity for the sorrow of those who lost loved ones, they've encouraged us to trust our memories and forego replays of the planes plowing into the Twin Towers, the trapped and desperate people leaping from upper floor windows, the ghastly imploding of the buildings, all the many other horrors playing out live before our eyes.

Read the entire article here.

I Support the Pope!

Although unintentionally, he's set off a firestorm of hate mongering in the islamic world. Here's a link to the official text of Pope Benedict's speech. He was quoting from a discussion by the erudite Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus:

"Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached."

So far, he has apologized only for upsetting the heathens of islam, not for the comments themselves. Of course, the leaders of the Religion of Peace™ are calling for a personal apology, or alternately, his head.

I think we should send US troops to protect the pope. He is the one last major vestige of our civilized West that represents everything NOT islamic. And he's not giving in.

I guess Rosie was right. Those Christian extremists are dangerous.

Right on, Holy Father. You're in my prayers today.

Progress for America: THESE PEOPLE WANT TO KILL US.

I saw this video on the web last week. Yesterday, I actually saw it on the local broadcast during the Ohio State-Cincinnati football game.

Hopefully, it'll awaken the sleeping masses to the dangers of islam.

From Progress for America's website:
Progress for America, Inc. ("PFA") is an issue advocacy/grassroots organization committed to representing a diverse coalition of concerned citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations and community leaders who promote public policies that improve the lives of every American. As a nonprofit corporation and exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code, PFA promotes nonpartisan, conservative policies that improve the quality of life for the American people.

Our efforts are designed to enhance the general public’s knowledge about issues of importance to the country.

PFA does not support or oppose candidates and does not engage in
Federal election activities.

Al-Qaida warning: Muslims should leave US

Breaking News with spine-chilling detail from WorldNetDaily:

The new al-Qaida field commander in Afghanistan is calling for Muslims to leave the U.S. – particularly Washington and New York – in anticipation of a major terror attack to rival Sept. 11, according to an interview by a Pakistani journalist.

Abu Dawood told Hamid Mir, a reporter who has covered al-Qaida and met with Osama bin Laden, the attack is being coordinated by Adnan el-Shukrijumah and suggests it may involve some form of weapon of mass destruction smuggled across the Mexican border.

"Our brothers are ready to attack inside America. We will breach their security again," he is quoted as saying. "There is no timeframe for our attack inside America; we can do it any time."

As WND has previously reported, el-Shukrijumah is a trained nuclear technician and accomplished pilot who has been singled out by bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri to serve as the field commander for the next terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

The terrorist was last seen in Mexico, where, on Nov. 1, 2004, he allegedly hijacked a Piper PA Pawnee cropduster from Ejido Queretaro near Mexicali to transport a nuclear weapon and nuclear equipment into the U.S., according to Paul Williams, a former FBI consultant and author of "The Dunces of Doomsday."

"He is an American and a friend of Muhammad Atta, who led 9/11 attacks five years ago," said Dawood. "We call him 'Jaffer al Tayyar' (Jafer the Pilot); he is very brave and intelligent. (President) Bush is aware that brother Adnan has smuggled deadly materials inside America from the Mexican border. Bush is silent about him, because he doesn’t want to panic his people. Sheikh Osama bin Laden has completed his cycle of warnings. You know, he is man of his words, he is not a politician; he always does what he says. If he said it many times that Americans will see new attacks, they will definitely see new attacks. He is a real mujahid. Americans will not win this war, which they have started against Muslims. Americans are the biggest supporters of the
biggest terrorist in the world, which is Israel."

Dawood said he was currently conducting operations in Afghanistan under the leadership of the Taliban. He warned of a series of upcoming suicide bombings there directed against government and coalition forces during Ramadan.

He is also quoted as saying the next attack in America will not be conducted by people like Atta.

"We have a different plan for the next attack," he told Mir. "You will see. Americans will hardly find out any Muslim names, after the next attack. Most of our brothers are living in Western countries, with Jewish and Christian names, with passports of Western countries. This time, someone with the name of Mohamed Atta will not attack inside America, it would be some David, Richard or Peter."

He said there will be another audio message from bin Laden aired within the next two weeks. Mir reportedly interviewed Dawood Sept. 12 at the tomb of Sultan Mehmud Ghaznawi on the outskirts of Kabul. Dawood and the al-Qaida leaders who accompanied him were clean-shaven and dressed as Western reporters.
The al-Qaida commander had contacted Mir by cell phone to arrange the meeting.

"You have witnessed the brutality of the Israelis in the recent 34-day war against Lebanese civilians," said Dawood. "9/11 was a revenge of Palestinian children, killed by the U.S.-made weapons, supplied to Israel. The next attack on America would be a revenge of Lebanese children killed by U.S.-made cluster bombs. Bush and (British Prime Minister Tony) Blair are the Crusaders, and Muslim leaders, like (Pakistani President Pervez) Musharraf and (Afghani President Hamid) Karzai are their collaborators. We will teach a lesson to all of them."

El-Shukrijumah was born in Guyana Aug. 4, 1975 – the firstborn of Gulshair el-Shukrijumah, a 44-year-old radical Muslim cleric, and his 16-year-old wife. In 1985, Gulshair migrated to the United States, where he assumed duties as the imam of the Farouq Mosque in Brooklyn.

The mosque, located at 554 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, has served as a hive for terrorist activities. It has raised millions for the jihad and has served as a recruiting station for al-Qaida. Many of the planners of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, including blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, were prominent members of this notorious "house of worship."

In 1995, the Shukrijumah family relocated to Miramar, Fla., where Gulshair became the spiritual leader of the radical Masjid al-Hijah Mosque, and where Adnan became friends with Jose Padilla, who planned to detonate a radiological bomb in midtown Manhattan; Mandhai Jokhan, who was convicted of attempting to blow up nuclear power plants in southern Florida; and a group of other home-grown terrorists.

Adnan Shukrijumah attended flight schools in Florida and Norman, Oklahoma, along with Mohammad Atta and the other 9/11 operatives, and he became a highly skilled commercial jet pilot, although he, like Atta and the other terrorists, never applied for a license with the Federal Aviation Commission.

In April 2001, Shukrijumah spent 10 days in Panama, where he reportedly met with al-Qaida officials to assist in the planning of 9/11. He also traveled to Trinidad and Guyana, where virulent al-Qaida cells have been established. The following month, he obtained an associate's degree in computer engineering from Broward Community College.

During this time, he managed to get passports from Guyana, Trinidad, Saudi Arabia, Canada and the United States, according to Williams. He also began to adopt a number of aliases, including Abu Arifi, Jafar al-Tayyar, Jaafar At Yayyar, Ja'far al-Tayar, and Mohammed Sher Mohammed Khan (the name that appeared on his official FBI file). He traveled to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, where he met with Ramzi Binalshibh, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and other members of the al-Qaida high command. He also spent considerable time within al-Qaida camps in Afghanistan, where he received training in explosives and special operations.

Following 9/11, el-Shukrijumah was reportedly singled out by bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to spearhead the next great attack on America. One plan was for a nuclear attack that would take place simultaneously in seven U.S. cities, leaving millions dead and the richest and most powerful nation on earth in ashes.

"Muslims should leave America," said Dawood. "We cannot stop our attack just because of the American Muslims; they must realize that American forces are killing innocent Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq; we have the right to respond back, in the same manner, in the enemy's homeland. The American Muslims are like a human shield for our enemy; they must leave New York and Washington."

Mir, the journalist, has reported previously that al-Qaida has smuggled nuclear weapons and uranium into the U.S.

"I am saying that Muslims must leave America, but we can attack America anytime," he said. "Our cycle of warnings has been completed, now we have fresh edicts from some prominent Muslim scholars to destroy our enemy, this is our defending of Jihad; the enemy has entered in our homes and we have the right to enter in their homes, they are killing us, we will kill them."

God help us.

Fat Bastard Michael Moore

Call me crazy, but this guy needs a bro or a manzier (depending on whether you think Kramer or Mr. Castanza's name was appropriate).

I also recommend a brain for this inane piece of sh*t. Or having his mouth surgically sewn shut.

Terrorist Network in the United States

This one really connects the dots. From America's Truth Forum, a list of terrorist organizations and their locations in the USA. H/T to Peter at Texas Hold'Em Blogger.

Note the source in the bottom corner, Steven Emerson, American Jihad. Emerson is one of the invitees to Islam by American Jihadist Adam Gadahn. Hmm. Interesting that they should even notice someone like Mr. Emerson, who has been investigating terrorism for a long time.