Friday, August 08, 2008

Anti-Islamist Book review: The Last Patriot by Brad Thor

Atria Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, just released "The Last Patriot" by Brad Thor.

The book's plot centers around a conspiracy by the islamists to prevent the discovery and release of muhammed's final chapters to the qu'ran, which were supposedly squelched by muhammed's assassination. The final revelation supposedly reveals a kinder, gentler islam, and the islamists want to suppress it because it will derail all they stand for.
Pure fantasy, I know, but the author weaves a credible plot with snippets of Thomas Jefferson, U.S. naval history and Cervantes' "Don Quixote" with a current anti-islamist theme. He even goes as far as naming the "Foundation for Islamic Relations (FAIR - rhymes with CAIR)" as a major participant in the plot. No punches pulled, here, no political correctness. I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it reveals the true nature of islam and the jihad.

Liberals would have you believe the source of the recent terrorism attacks on the USA are because of our government's "failed policy" overseas. As the rest of us are aware, jihad has been going on for hundreds of years against the USA and the west. See my post Islamic Jihad, 18th Century Style. Thomas Jefferson was well aware of the threat.

It also has a 'real man' as the lead character, a true American hero, something I'm sure Debbie Schlussel would enjoy reading. No girly men here.
I haven't read any fiction (except the New York Times) for many years, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

The author has been on the Glenn Beck show several times, and Beck has called him a 'dead man.' I urge you to read this book for some perspective on the threat of islam.

Just so you can separate the facts from the fiction, please understand the book is almost total fiction: the post 9-11 president in the book truly understands the threat of islam.

Obamessiah supporters surprised at McCain's surge in the polls

This paragraph from David Limbaugh says it all about the obamessiah campaign:

Obama's entire campaign theme is fraudulent. How can a man unite America when his views are so far out of line with average Americans for whom he has revealed unbridled contempt? How can he inspire America when he advertises his disdain for what he believes America has become?
Read it all here.