Sunday, June 03, 2007

Silence of the Lame: Further Proof the 4th Estate is Anti-American

In a news release several weeks ago, US Military released details of an Al Queda torture manual, which barely scratched the surface of the mainstream media. Why? Because it didn't depict American soliders as the torturers

Osama's House of Horrors
By Patrick Poole June 1, 2007

The same media hacks that brought us countless images of Spc. Lynndie England doing her best John Dillinger imitation with an Iraqi prisoner while covering the Abu Ghraib scandal have suddenly gone mute on the release last week by US military officials of a graphic al-Qaeda torture manual that provides illustrations and instructions on how to use hammers, blow torches and meat cleavers to extract information from their victims in Iraq. This deliberate silence has been occurring as US forces are scouring Iraq looking for two US soldiers who presumably are being subject to the very tortures described in that manual and the body of one of their colleagues was discovered exhibiting signs of that same torture.

Read the entire story here.

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