Sunday, June 03, 2007

Remember the poll about Muslims in America? Take a poll yourself...

H/T to Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch. This poll from the American Family Association asks some important questions about how you view the mainstream media's coverage of Islam. Take the poll here.

Here are the responses, shown after my taking the poll:

Are the mainstream media doing enough to report on the threat of radical Islam in the U.S.?
Yes 1,296
No 65,633

Do you think the mainstream media have a more favorable view of Islam than Christianity?
Yes 58,966
No 7,574

Do you think the mainstream media are intentionally refusing to report on the rise of radical Islam?
Yes 63,219
No 3,361

Do you think radical Muslims will practice suicide bombings in the U.S. in the near future?
Yes 63,682
No 2,700

Do you think our government should do more to appease the demands of radical Muslims?
Yes 4,496
No 62,311

God help us.

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