Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vote YES for Picktown Kids!

We've lived in the Pickerington school district for about nine years. We've endured tax increase after tax increase; many place the blame at the feet of the PLSD school board. Most place the blame on the local city, township and county government for allowing residential growth to proceed without any infrastructure. Now, we're paying the price.

Because a few GREEDY BUILDERS, CORRUPT LOCAL POLITICIANS, and lazy zoning officials have let the school ranks swell at an intolerable rate, our kids are suffering. They're going to school in trailers.

I don't want my kid going to school in a trailer. I already pay a stupid amount of property tax and a one percent school tax. That's not enough. They charge us lab fees in grade school, fees for things that should be paid for by the schools. They charge us for many things that should be paid by those damn taxes.

Our kids deserve better. This is not an operating levy. The school board held extracurricular activities hostage a few years ago to get that money. This is to build two new grade schools, and to add onto existing buildings.

Our kids deserve this. Against every fiscally conservative grain in my body, I plan to vote YES for the kids.

Actually, we weeded the old-school politicians out a couple years ago, but the damage was done. We missed the boat on some major retail construction (i.e. the Walmart in Reynoldsburg - the mayor of Pickerington who opposed building it in Picktown had the gall to attend the grand opening in Reynoldsburg. He's gone. Now he's working for the Builders.), and the snooty residents of picktown are trying to prevent more retail development.

I'm voting FOR the levy 'cause I don't want my kid to go to school in a trailer. She's a good student, hard working, and she deserves better. So do the other kids in Picktown.

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