Sunday, November 05, 2006

How Connect the Dots is going to vote...

Issue 2 - Minimum Wage Increase - NO
Minimum wage laws hurt those they're designed to protect -- the underpaid, underprivileged income earner. Forcing an unearned, unwelcome wage increase on employers will only cause those employers to cut back on jobs.
Also, there are provisions built into the law that would allow your job history to be public information. Not something I want widely published. That information is between me and my employer(s).

Issue 3 - Slot Machines for College - NO
First, my opinion on the currently lottery: gambling is a STUPID TAX. Anyone who buys a lottery ticket hoping to strike it rich is an idiot. That being said, at times I have been an idiot. And I have spent time at Indiana's casinos and in Las Vegas. And what did that get me? I pissed dollars down the drain. It was fun, and exciting, but that money is gone.

The currently lottery was passed to help improve Ohio's faltering school economy. No such thing has happened.

This amendment is designed to help fund higher education, to allow po' folk that can't go to college to have the ability to pay for it. The real reason this issue is on the ballot is to generate dollars for a few corporations that sell gambling. Period. It sure sounds like a good idea, but take a look beneath the surface. Ask yourself, can the buffoons in Ohio government really manage this?

Issue 4: Smoke Less - NO
Not so much.

Issue 5: Smoke Free - YES
See my other post on 4 & 5. Exercise your right to breathe.

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