Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thanks, Taft.

Your RINO policies for the past eight years have dragged Ohio down to the bottom of a fiscal black hole.

Now, thanks to you, a good man who could have brought Ohio back to prominence has lost.

Ken Blackwell had my vote. I share many, many views with the man. He's a true conservative, with moral and fiscal values that would have done great things for Ohio.

He lost because people didn't listen to his message. People were too pissed with the behavior of his "fellow" Republicans, dipping their hand in the candy jar too much over the past eight years. Truth be told, Blackwell was a Republican outsider. I don't recall GW giving him any support during the election. And the powers that be in the Ohio GOP have fought him all the way.

Now, we ALL have to suffer the consequences.

Thanks, Taft.

Good f***ing riddance. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

I hear that state up north is looking for a few good kaffirs. You should go there. Right away. I mean, don't even wait for January. Now. Go! So go, already! [With any luck, GW will give you a post as ambassador to Afghanistan or Pakistan]

I just wish they would send KY jelly and give us a reacharound when the tax man comes calling. Or a least a little kiss.

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