Tuesday, November 07, 2006

First jihadist in Congress: Kiss your ass goodbye

Reported by Reuters, H/T to Little Green Footballs. The first paragraph says it all:

Minnesota sends first Muslim to Congress
08 Nov 2006

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Voters elected a black Democrat as the first Muslim in Congress on Tuesday after a race in which he advocated quick U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and made little mention of his faith.

Keith Ellison, a 43-year-old lawyer and state representative, defeated two rivals, television networks said, to succeed retiring Democrat Martin Sabo in a seat that has been held by Democrats since 1963.

Which way is Mecca, anyway? I wanna get it right so I don't get my head lopped off.

Beginning of the end. Repeat after me: "Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar. Allahu Akhbar." (Shoot your AK-47 into the air now).

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