Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't let the Dhimmicrats off the hook...

Looks like they're winning the elections in Ohio.

Just because they're in power, the SOB alliance should not let them off the hook. Let's keep up the pressure on Lefty Moonbat Strickland and Lefty Moonbat Brown. Publish any and all dirt you can find on these shitbags. Back it up with facts, and push the mainstream media to publish it.

The morons in Ohio who voted FOR minimum wage totally missed the real problems with that state issue: personal privacy rights, and the REAL effect of minimum wage increases (job cuts by employers, higher cost for employers to maintain records, etc.). The business climate in Ohio is going further down the tubes. Just so some liberals can feel good about themselves for providing fast food workers a few dollars more a week. Watch for Big Macs to go up a quarter or two.

Thank God, though, we should be able to breathe easier. They got that one right.

Not the Dhimmicrats, though. Let's amp up the pressure on these whores, we don't want them to breathe easier.

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  1. connect,

    hey, we aren't going to let the dims off the hook. we are going to keep it up. But the alliance was built on truth in blogging, and we will continue to do that.


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