Monday, July 28, 2008

The Islamists are Comin' to our hometown...

In a series of reports on Central Ohioans Against Terrorism, journalist Patrick Poole covers the upcoming Islamic Society of North America(ISNA) convention coming in August to Columbus, Ohio.

Highlights include a steady stream of hate-spewing, Jew & Christian smearing, anti-American speakers, many with terrorist ties. Oh, boy!

DOJ: Facts tie ISNA to Hamas (7/24/08)

FBI Declassified Memo: ISNA conferences “provided opportunities for the extreme fundamentalist Muslims to meet with their supporters” (7/23/08)

Members of Congress ask DOJ to withdraw from 2007 ISNA convention (7/15/08)

HAMAS terrorist leader thanks ISNA (7/14/08)

Keep in mind this is nothing new. Our own Ohio State University has an extremely radical Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the OSU chapter of the Council on Islamic American Relations (CAIR).

I urge you to keep an eye on Patrick's blog and for further terrorist activity in Columbus. Heaven knows the local fishwrap won't be giving anything but glowing coverage to the muslims when they're here.


  1. Do you know who Patrick Poole is? Do you ever wonder how he earns his living, especially living in a Columbus suburb, when he only writes a monthly column for FrontPage?

    I encourage you to do a detail search and “connect the dots” about Patrick Poole and you find that he is nothing more than a provocateur. His whole writing purpose is to spread fear and hate among Americans about Muslim people.

  2. I have connected the dots on Mr. Poole. I believe his articles are accurate and credible. YOU should do a little background research on the 'religion of peace' before you pass judgement on Mr. Poole. Islam is attempting to spread their intolerant religion, social and political system through social and political jihad. Until the western world understands that, we need people like Patrick Poole.


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