Friday, July 13, 2007

Maryland Board of Education: OK to teach ONLY homosexual agenda

The homosexual agenda in its finest moment: indoctrinate the kids in the 'normalization' of homosexuals. From the Washington Post (H/T to American Family Association Action Alert), the state board of education says it's okay to teach ONLY one side of the agenda: homosexual behavior is okay. The worst part is, they think the state's right to educate supercedes the rights of the individual parent to have a say in their education.

Md. State Board Approves County's Sex-Ed Curriculum
By Daniel de Vise
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 4, 2007; B06

The Maryland State Board of Education has ruled in favor of a sex-education curriculum adopted last month for use in Montgomery middle and high schools, finding nothing illegal in the new lessons on sexual orientation and condom use, school officials said yesterday.

In a 17-page June 27 opinion, the state panel declined to "second guess the appropriateness" of the curriculum approved by the Montgomery County Board of Education. Instead, the state panel said it could reverse the county's action only if it violated the law. And after reviewing more than a dozen claims alleged by curriculum opponents, the state board found no violation.
Read the entire article here.

Just because some liberal cross-dressing psychologists in the 1960's declared homosexual behavior as okay, and Congress added it to the civil rights protection, doesn't mean we have to swallow this.

Take Action
Send an e-mail to the president of the Maryland Department of Education and to the Governor of Maryland.

If you have children in public schools, ask the local superintendent if they have a sex-education program. If so, request an opportunity to review the curriculum.
Please forward this to your family and friends.
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