Sunday, July 01, 2007

"I Am An American"

H/T to White Trash Republican. This was apparently posted on John McCain's website and posted to the New Republic. I checked McCain's website (you should, too, it's a joke. Boy, has he got somebody fooled), but I didn't see it. His blog entries only go back a couple weeks.

Whether or not it's some anonymous junk email or not, it says how many of us feel.

I Am An American

There have only been two days in my life when I felt sick in the pit of my stomach for America: September 11, 2001 and today, May 17, 2007.

Today I learned that I have been betrayed by my President, my Senate, and my Political party.

Today I learned that the citizenship I have treasured so much has been reduced in value to nothing by some. Today I learned that to some, I have no voice.

Today I learned a hard truth. To some, the American dream is only the dream of the immigrant and not the right of the home grown citizen. Today I learned that my country is not solid as stone but rather it is transient like a ripple on a lake.

Today I learned that my home is no longer my home. My people are no longer my people. My leaders are no longer my leaders. Today I learned that my president has a price. My senate has a price. My political party has a price.

Today I learned something else too; I learned that they can’t break me. Because I am an American.

I can not be bought. I can not be sold. There is no price on my citizenship. There is no price on my love of country. There is no price on my loyalty to America and her ideas.

While others whom I should be able to trust conspire against me, I sit and contemplate. I sit and remember. I sit and cry.

And I make a firm resolution. I am going outside to raise my flag and shine a light. Tonight I am going to rest, and break bread with my family. I will watch a silly movie to restore my soul. I will take a bubble bath and burn a candle.And then I will sleep.

And when I wake up, I will face a new day. I will make the phones in Washington buzz. I will fill their fax machines. I will overburden their emails. I will write letters. I will call talk shows. I will plan rallies. I will call friends.

And I will not stand down.

Because I am an American.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I am a patriot, truth seeker, light shiner, an activist. I am a peaceful but fierce protector of my homeland. I am an American.

And just when those that conspire relax, when they are sure that they have exhausted our resources, our energy, our enthusiasm and our spirit, I will bounce back. I will learn relentlessly. I will speak extensively. I will rally exhaustively, I will protest, I will scream, I will stomp my feet. And then I will vote.

Because I am an American.

That can not be given by anyone. It is not theirs to give. It can not be taken by anyone. It is not theirs to take. It can not be awarded. It can not be denied.

I will not stand down. I will not sit quiet. I will not surrender.

I am an American.

Good stuff.

Bush, Congress: get a clue. We're taking back the country. It doesn't belong to you, or to the North American Union, or to the God-less atheists, or La Raza, or CAIR.

Better watch your back.

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