Sunday, September 17, 2006

Orthodox Church Archbishop attacks 'Islamic fanaticism'

rom Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, let's hope more Christian leaders have the cajones to join in the fray against the izlamonazis:

Expect more threats and murder until he apologizes also. "Orthodox Church Archbishop attacks 'Islamic fanatism,'" from AND, with thanks to Tommy:

Johannesburg (AND) In yet another furor to grip the Christian community, the head of the Orthodox Church of Greece has joined the Pope controversy by attacking what he calls Islamic fanaticism in Africa. In a scathing attack, barely 48 hours after a Somali Islamic cleric called for Muslims to kill the Pope for his Tuesday utterances, Archbishop Christodoulos told a sermon in Athens that Christians in Africa were suffering at the hands of ‘fanatic Islamists'.

"Many Christians on the Black Continent (Africa) suffer from fanatic Islamists. The example of Roman Catholic monks who were slaughtered last year... because they wore the cross and believed in our crucified Lord is still recent,” said Christodoulos.

The Archbishop’s remarks come as the Muslim world is seething with anger over Pope Benedict XVI’s quoting of a 14th-century Byzantine emperor who said innovations introduced by the Prophet Mohammed (the Islamic supreme leader) were "evil and inhuman".

The Pope has already been forced in submitting that he was "deeply sorry" after his remarks sparked outrage in the Muslim world, with Morocco calling back its envoy and Turkey casting doubts of Benedict’s scheduled visit in November – the first to a Muslim country.

However, if you read the Pope's apology carefully, he said he's sorry for upsetting the islamic world. He hasn't apologized for his remarks. And he shouldn't.

Islam must come to an end. Period.

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