Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spencer: Some Clarification on his views

At his website Jihad Watch, islamic expert and author Robert Spencer attempts to set the record straight with the mud-slinging CAIR lovin' muzzys:

A general reply, for the record
A pre-Thanksgiving miscellany:

  1. Islam is not a race. One does not become a racist by opposing the jihad ideology.
  2. I do not wish to drive all Muslims into the sea.
  3. I have never said that the only good Muslim is an ex-Muslim.
  4. I have never said that Muslims want to kill all Jews and Christians.
  5. I do not single out the jihadist interpretation of Islam and anoint it as the only legitimate interpretation. As I have pointed out many times, all the orthodox sects and schools of jurisprudence teach violent jihad. I would love to highlight mainstream peaceful Islamic sects that are regarded as orthodox by other Muslims. Unfortunately, such sects do not exist. Courageous sincere individual reformers are deeply appreciated and to be applauded, but they are just that -- individuals.
  6. It is false that by pointing out how jihadists use the Qur'an and Islamic teaching, I am encouraging and legitimizing those jihadists or pushing moderate Muslims to become jihadists. In fact, they do not listen to me. More importantly, it is incumbent upon moderates to refute the jihad ideology if they can. But if I can find holes in the moderates' presentations, jihadists will find ten more. And so those moderate constructions will prove useless to do what must be done: convincing Muslims to be peaceful.
  7. Tabari says Aisha was nine when Muhammad consummated his marriage with her. That he says more about Aisha doesn't mean that somewhere he contradicts this assertion.
  8. "Apologist" is not a pejorative term. It means a defender of a faith. And when apologists say something, this doesn't mean that no one else says it.
  9. Word has gone out that I support unrestricted immigration from Muslim countries, with adjustment only to screen for active jihadists. This is false.
  10. Comments here are unmoderated. If you think I support the sentiments expressed in one, please establish that with quotations from my own writings.
  11. I did not add the section of my FAQ about the need to "remain true to our principles of freedom and equality of rights and dignity for all" in response to critics who claimed that I wanted to subvert those principles. In fact, that has been part of the FAQ since the site began in October 2003.

Nice to see someone who consistently stands up to the islamic apologists set the record straight. Those of us without a pro-islamic bent (definitely does not include CAIR) have been able to see these truths clearly since we first started reading Mr. Spencer's work.

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