Thursday, September 28, 2006

WND: 'Suicide bombers follow Quran,' concludes Pentagon briefing

Well, Duh!

Pentagon "Motivations of Muslim Suicide Bombers" briefing reaches the same conclusions as many, many others: They want to kill us because of their religion! Maybe they're finally beginning to connect the dots.

From WorldNetDaily:

With suicide bombings spreading from Iraq to Afghanistan, the Pentagon has tasked intelligence analysts to pinpoint what's driving Muslim after Muslim to do the unthinkable.

Their preliminary finding is politically explosive: it's their "holy book" the Quran after all, according to intelligence briefings obtained by WND.

In public, the U.S. government has made an effort to avoid linking the terrorist threat to Islam and the Quran while dismissing suicide terrorists as crazed heretics who pervert Islamic teachings.

"The terrorists distort the idea of jihad into a call for violence and murder," the White House maintains in its recently released "National Strategy for Combating Terrorism" report.

But internal Pentagon briefings show intelligence analysts have reached a wholly different conclusion after studying Islamic scripture and the backgrounds of suicide terrorists. They've found that most Muslim suicide bombers are in fact students of the Quran who are motivated by its violent commands – making them, as strange as it sounds to the West, "rational actors" on the Islamic stage.

In Islam, it is not how one lives one's life that guarantees spiritual salvation, but how one dies, according to the briefings. There are great advantages to becoming a martyr. Dying while fighting the infidels in the cause of Allah reserves a special place and honor in Paradise. And it earns special favor with Allah.

See the entire article here.

These Pentagon 'experts' could have saved themselves a bunch of time by reading books like "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)" by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. Or follow the blogosphere.

Maybe we can start to make some progress now on this 'clash of civilizations.'

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