Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Connect the Dots SCOOP: Here's the Dennis Pontiac "Jihad on Automotive Industry" Script & Photos!

Exclusive: our reporter embedded in the Dennis Automotive Group in Columbus Ohio has leaked photos and the script from the controversial "Jihad on the Auto Industry" ad. The as-yet-to-be-released ads, have drawn complaints from the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the pro-muslim advocate group.

Here it is, the controversial script. Scroll down for the accompanying photos.

ANNOUNCER: Praise be to Allah! In the name of the great Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) we have captured the great Satan and his unholy confederate.

The auto sales policies of these kaffirs can no longer go unpunished. For too long, the satan has caused great pain to the people of islam, by charging interest. The law of the prophet (peace be upon him) forbids the charging of interest.

We will avenge this wrong by killing all dealers who charge interest.

And, this week only, we have special deal. If you convert to Islam, we will not kill you. Instead, we will make you great deal on our inventory of gently used cars. This beautiful Mercedes was used only on Saturdays by a hateful jew driving to temple.

This lovely BMW is a fresh trade-in from Beirut. Driven only once by Hezbollah hero to kill 200 Zionist occupiers of the holy land.

But you must convert by Friday to attend mosque and save your life. Allaha Akhubar! Allaha Akhubar! Allaha Akhubar!

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