Friday, September 22, 2006

It's war fer god's sake!

From the Bloodletting blog, by way of The White Trash Republican blog:

Mark my words; until we can tell the dead of September 11th there are warm and glassy shores around seas of ash to mark our sorrow for their passing, we shall always be shamed to know that we have not yet responded enough in kind. We will hold our manhood cheap before the images of couples clinging to each other in a final plummet to oblivion until the day comes when we can look serenely upon such images and know that as horrible as these images are, they have been answered. They have been answered with visions of destruction and death so unimagineable that, like the vanquished japanese, the idea of violence will not break the barrier of a man's teeth while living memory remains.

But we do none of these things. Instead, we make memorials, and celebrate victims, and wonder why we didn't kill the bad guys when we had them in our sights. We do these things while our enemies plot our slaughter, and our dead haunt us in mute injury that we have not avenged them, or even earnestly defended ourselves.

It's time to prove to our dead, each other, and ourselves that we are still worth a damn. It's time to sharpen those bayonets, let slip our dogs of war, and give no quarter until the Koran is only quoted in Hell!

Read the entire post here.

Semper Fi, Do or Die. As the jarheads say, kill 'em all and let Gawd sort it out.

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