Monday, September 25, 2006

Another Buried Anti-Islamic protest

Once again, the leftys in the MSM are up to their usual tricks. Similar to the non-coverage of the 25,000 protestors outside the UN whilst President Tom visited from EyeRan, the world media missed another opportunity for fair and balanced reporting (H/T to Little Green Footballs) about an anti-hezbollah rally that attracted 10,000 christians:

Lebanese Christians protest Hezbollah
BEIRUT, Lebanon - An anti-Syrian Christian leader dismissed Hezbollah's claims of victory in its war with Israel as tens of thousands of his supporters rallied Sunday in a show of strength that highlighted Lebanon's sharp divisions.

The rally north of Beirut came just two days after a massive gathering
by the rival Shiite Muslim Hezbollah that attracted hundreds of thousands. The two sides have been at sharp odds over the future of the Lebanese government since this summer's Israeli-Hezbollah war.
Read the entire story at
Yahoo News.

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