Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Q: Does David Letterman spit or swallow?

I used to be a David Letterman fan, but I'm done.

The obamessiah is on Letterman tonight, and Oh. My. God.

Could Letterman possibly be a bigger suckup? He practically strapped on the kneepads and started slurping the minute hussein showed up.

I've seen Letterman fawn over hot girls, slobber over cute guests, etc. That pales in comparison. And it appears Letterman was given his talking points by the obamessiah campaign.

Let's hope hussein at least gives Letterman a reach-around. Doubt it.

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  1. Letterman has always been a lammo comic. I only watched him when I lived in Europe and was starved for American culture. He has some good writers and you can always tell which jokes he wrote for their lameness. The last time I watched his show he had O'Reilly on. I'm sick of him too, but Letterman's treatment of him was so repulsive, I never watch the asshole anymore. I stopped listening to Obameeeehhh too. I think we both know what he is and what he is not saying. When he stands up and tells us all about his friends and mentors (he'll never do it), then I might listen to him. His turn to the Right, to get votes, makes me ill.


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