Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain/Palin - new hope for America?

McCain isn't the moron political strategist we thought. Picking Sarah Palin as his VP running mate is true brilliance, on many points:
  • She's a true conservative. She has a special needs child (born this year). She knows the true meaning of the sanctity of life, obviously anti-abortion.
  • She's a woman. If not outright stealing the Hillary supporters, McCain will sure make them think about voting for McCain/Palin.
  • She's really up-to-date on energy issues. She's pro-drilling in ANWR.
  • She's not afraid to take on establishment Republicans. She has been fighting corruption in her own party in her state.
  • She's not afraid to take on Washington. She's definitely a Washington outsider. She is suing the Federal Gov'mint over its designation of the polar bear as an endangered species.
  • She appears to be someone with real cajones, real principles, real morals.
In short, someone we need very badly.

Apparently, the timing of the announcement the morning after the obmessiah's Mt. Olympus speech is brilliant as well. The wires are buzzing with the noise of the pick, drowning out the resonance of BHO's acceptance speech last night.

I'm not sure of her stance on illegal immigration, but if her other stances are any indication, she should be right in line with other true conservatives.


Bravo, John McCain. Bravo.

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