Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Palin for POTUS in 2012? You Betcha!

Sara'Cuda and the Vikings

Hillbilly White Trash is starting a blogroll of support for Sara'Cuda 2012.
I'm on board. If we start NOW, we can prevent the blithering idiots in the Leftmedia from selecting the GOP candidate in 2012.


  1. Well i know that Palin was a popular holoween costume this year but i don't think that is the kind of attention that is going to save her name from the liberal illuminati and the bashing that they have done. I think you should just starting getting behind someone else. Sorry to tell ya.

  2. I think Palin will be a much stronger candidate in 2012. At the same time, we'll have an experienced Bobby Jindal and other conservatives, and probably Michael Steele running the GOP. The important point to take away from this exercise is that WE will choose our candidate in 2012, NOT the Leftmedia.

  3. I am afraid Palin is not going away. the more blogs i read and the more new i listen to it seems like the GOP is going to hitch thier wagon to Palin sooner or later. Even the leftist illuminati are now say Palin is going to be the next candidate they will have to overcome. I guess that means i have at least 4 more years of listen to her Alaskan accent. God help me!

  4. You are correct, she is NOT going away. She will be a force to be reckoned with.

    If you can't stand Palin, how can you stand Obama's talk with "a corn-cob up your butt" style? I suppose liberals like condescending speakers.

  5. Palin is not a bad choice. I hope she takes the time in the interim to work on answering the questions that she flubbed in the last try. I would certainly support her. She has that plain spoken style that most average people can relate to. I think most of us are sick to death of condescending elites anyway. Go Palin and lets work on the open primary thing as well. That should keep the friggin liberals from dumping another McCain on us.


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