Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Obama got elected...

Enlightening(frightening?) video about those that voted for The One (h/t bookworm room). And, as she says, shows the Leftmedia did their job (which was to get The Commander in Thief elected):


  1. I have seen this video a couple times now and just find and the stats that come along with it ridiculous. I am not even a huge Obama fan but this Howard Stern prank is ridiculous. The liberal illuminati should go out and pole McCain supporters cause they would find the same thing. This isn't about Obama or McCain supports, this is about the average american voter not really knowing anything about politics. The media has made the political scene so accessible, which is a good thing but you just have so many more unqualified people out there make political decisions based off of what they have heard in a 10 min video clip. it's the days we live in.

  2. I think voters have been ignorant for a long, long time. That's why the Media plays such a huge role in presidential elections. People pay attention to sound bytes and stump speeches, rather than research their candidates and the issues.


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