Thursday, November 06, 2008

Death of the Republic

It appears to be "official" now. The One, The Messiah, Mr. Salvation, Kenyan illegal alien never really like Amerikkka, communist loving, baby-killer is on course to be POTUS. George W. Bush invited him to security briefings in Washington.

We are in official mourning. We have gone dark, both to conserve energy before Mr. Hopey-Changey bankrupts the coal industry and drives electric prices through the roof, and to show our utter contempt for this putrid excuse of a human being. We also will display the flag upside down as a symbol of distress during the entire term of HNIC.

He's not my president. I will not support him. I am not hoping for his success in anything. I hope he falls flat on his face and we can forever rid government of his ilk.

Chosen by the media. Not my president.

Be sure, however, we will report any information here that we can to dethrone The One.


  1. I can respect people who are strictly conservative, i in many things i agree with a lot of those people on many issues. And i agree that the liberal illuminati, including Obama have pretty much bought this election and the next few years will be interesting. The think that baffles me is that most of these people call themselves "true" american. Would a true american want their leader to succeed, no matter who that leader is? In many way i am with and wish things would have went another way, but i don't fell like i can do anything but support the person WE, as a nation put in charge. Why do you feel so different? Curious.

  2. I feel the people didn't really elect this man. He stole the election, with money in the right places, with Acorn, with liberal judges ruling in his favor for suspect votes. I can't support him in good conscience.

    Plus, I've been listening to "Bushitler"/Selected not elected/"people died when Bush lied"/"I'm so ashamed of Bush" crap for the past 8 years, time for a little payback.

    We can succeed as a nation without The One succeeding. We need him to fail miserably so he will get un-elected in 2012.


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