Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ahhnold: this country Democracy is not for sale!

The Governator was true to form in Columbus Friday night, rallying for John McCain at Nationwide Arena.

I always knew Arnold was a great communicator, and he confirmed it with this speech. Some important points in his speech:

  • Arnold said he left Europe four decades ago because he could see how socialism limited the possibilities for success there. He said European countries have learned their lessons and are starting to backtrack and emulate the US. Obama, however, hasn't learned that lesson.

  • He said McCain has served his country longer in a POW camp than Obama has served in the US Senate.

  • He said Obama needs to hit the weight room for his skinny little legs and arms (code words, I suppose, for 'black'), but the real place he needs to put some meat on -- his ideas.

  • He also said he plays an action hero in the movies, but John McCain is a REAL action hero.
Oh yeah, he mentioned The One has also raised more money for his campaign in history, enough for Obama to pay off all that bank debt and pay for all those bad mortgages. And even with all that money, "America is NOT for sale." He considers America the greatest country in the world, the "Land of Opportunity."

The Governator said he's been coming to Columbus for almost forty years. He won the Mr. World competition here, he's done business here, he's made friends here, and he comes here every March for The Arnold Classic. I attest that Ohio loves Ahhnold as well.

I know Ahhnold's policies are a bit RINO, but I suppose they have to be to survive in Hollyweird.

Let's get out and vote for John McCain on Tuesday and put an end to The One's political career. I can guarantee that if he wins (and even if he doesn't) all of the background details about him will end his career.

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