Friday, September 05, 2008

TV Week: McCain's Numbers Beat the Obamessiah

In an article at TV Week, early results appear that boring old man John McCain's speech out-pulled the obamessiah in tv ratings:

Presidential candidate John McCain's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention drew more television viewers than his rival Barack Obama attracted at the Democratic party's event last week, according to preliminary ratings from Nielsen Media Research.

Across all broadcast networks Thursday, Sen. McCain’s speech ended the night with a 4.8 rating/7 share, compared to Sen. Obama’s 4.3/7 average, according to overnight numbers from metered households in 55 U.S. markets measured by Nielsen. These ratings are preliminary, however, and are subject to change.

NBC’s coverage of Sen. McCain’s speech started directly at the tail end of the opening game of NFL season, with the speech pulling in a 6.3 rating/10 share, topping Sen. Obama’s speech last week by 26%. That lead-in may have boosted audiences who last night turned out in droves to watch Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin introduce herself to the country.

ABC’s showing of the McCain speech averaged a 4.5/7, down 2% from the same night of the Democratic convention last week, while CBS’ coverage took in a 3.4/5, an increase of 3%.
No surprise here. After the bump of Sarah'Cuda, I was expecting this. Outstanding.


  1. I don't care how many people watched, i don't get all tingly when McCain does a speech.

    C. Matthews, MSDNC

  2. I don't think McCain is a particularly good orator, either, but this story goes a long way toward saying that people are beginning to question the obamessiah. Hopefully, they'll no longer take the leftmedia at face value about hussein.

    I haven't supported many of McCain's policies, but I could never vote for a dyed-in-the-wool marxist.


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