Friday, August 15, 2008 a scam?

I just saw a commercial on CNN for a website called "" The commercial features a woman screeching "The oil companies are making record profits." It's a bit troubling, and completely misdirected, to blame the oil companies for high gas prices, and their profits are irrelevant, IMHO.

Forgive me for asking, but what the heck do you get for your 'membership?' Information? I can get that free by blogging on the internet.

There's no stated policy or goals of the organization, other than to 'stand up for Americans.' I also read their membership info, and politicians that have accepted more than $100 from energy companies and oil company executives need not apply. Hehe.

I can't tell what policy this group is advocating (like "Drill Here, Drill Now, Lower Prices"), if any, but it does appear they consider 'big oil' to be evil.

Looks like a not-so-well orchestrated scam to me. The writing on the website isn't particularly well done, the site is a bit disorganized. These guys are amateurs, but their empty rhetoric on the site may be just enough to get people to fork over their cold hard cash. After all, the Obamessiah's been doing it for some time now.

I'm keeping my $50, thank you.


  1. Just another GREED MONSTER....praying on the consumer. Won't someone with the resources...stop this time wasting/energy using joke!

    C.J. Oil Company reporter

  2. You are probably correct that is a scam. I am not about to hand over money based on what was said. I want to add that I feel the oil companies are to blame for the high gas and diesel prices. By oil company executives' own admission there is no shortage. Demand in terms of the fuel required to supply the need is basically equivalent to what the demand was in 1982 according to a (non-oil company) study. Demand boils down to what the American public is willing to pay. Oil company executives have also said that oil extracted from American reserves will be sold by them at the open market rate. Supply and demand as most people recognize them is not the issue. Getting as much they can, at the expense of our nations economy is what it is all about. It is shameful that it has been allowed to go on in the manner it has. Contrary to what is probably being said, I would not do the same given the opportunity. A website to address the situation is not a bad idea but it should not cost to be given information or have our voices heard.

  3. If not an out-and-out scam, the people running the site appear to be raising money to sustain their site, not make any real change.


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