Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American Thinker: Why Barack Obama will not win

From American Thinker comes this galvanized listing of why the Obamessiah can't win November 4 (h/t Bookworm Room):
  • Obama is too young and inexperienced, having exactly zero accomplishments in his personal, professional, academic and political lives
  • Obama is too liberal for mainstream Americans. His tax and spend politics may have been popular in the 1930's or '60's, but not now.
  • Obama is too race-conscious, which could be the final deciding factor. America is just fed up with the race-baiting, double-standard of the obamessiah campaign.
This, in a nutshell, is what we've been saying about BHO for some time now. He won't get elected in spite of the love affair with himself and the Leftmedia.

Read the full details here.

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