Thursday, July 24, 2008

Troubling message from the family of a soldier

I published a post recently from an officer in Afghanistan about how the obamessiah had dissed the troops, walking past the regular troops to meet with the generals and the media. Didn't stop to meet and greet, didn't even look their way.

I received a request from his family to remove the post, for the safety and privacy of his family. I am complying with that request.

To the officer and his family: please understand that I have the utmost respect and gratitude for your service to our country. Be safe, and by all means, if there is anything your men or your family needs, please contact me. I'll do whatever I can to help.

For the record, I want to make a note of what an asshat the obamessiah is for his actions, but those actions are typical of the dhimmicrat elite.

God help us if this shitheel gets elected POTUS.


  1. You say you posted the message and that the soldier's family asked that you remove it. The message is everywhere and will need to be substantiated. Is there any truth to it? I got it in the email today and it is absolutely everywhere.

  2. In retrospect, I published it because of the disdain I have for the Obamessiah. Truthful or not, I tend to believe it as an accurate indicator of his holiness' view of solders only as a photo op.

    I'm trying to find out if the person who requested I remove the comment was actually the wife of the army captain that sent the comment.

    I just noticed on a liberal blog someone was questioning why the captain would end his message with "in Service". I guess the liberals have never heard of an embedded signature in an email?


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