Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obama's Real Experience: a big goose egg

In an article on NewsMax yesterday, Ronald Kessler details the massive results the Obamessia obtained as a leader, an activist, a lawyer, an Illinois state senator, and a U.S. Senator: exactly none.

A close look at Barack Obama's career reveals it has been even more mediocre than generally recognized.

...Obama admitted that he accomplished little but that he was able to cover that up with fancy talk about change.

In the article, Kessler discusses BHO's experience:

  • As an activist to clean up a black housing project in Chicago, BHO greatly exaggerated his involvement in a fight that was begun well before he was there, and continues unsuccessfully today (the project still has a significant amount of asbestos)
  • As an attorney, in his nine years he has only ten court appearances and was mostly a pencil pusher working in groups of lawyers, drafting briefs and contracts
  • In both the Illinois senate and U.S. senate, BHO has a record for voting only "present," a non-committal vote that accomplishes nothing. Only one measure he sponsored as a senator was enacted, a weak resolution a bill to “promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Big whoop.

As Kessler says:

In sum, it would be difficult to imagine a more mediocre record. Most candidates for dog catcher have contributed more to society. Yet with the help of adoring reporters, Obama has managed to parlay extraordinary speaking and political skills into a presidential campaign built on sand.

The idea that America might entrust its security and future to someone who has never demonstrated an ability to get anything of significance done is scary.

I've said it before: be afraid. Be very afraid. We don't need an ineffective pencil-pusher with his heads in the Marxist clouds running our country. Let's hope McCain uses this to his advantage.

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