Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"None of the above"

Oh, if only the stuff we see in Hollywood was real. Remember the old Richard Pryor movie (Brewster's Millions), where he has to piss away millions of dolars in order to inherit it? He figures out the best way to lose the money is to run a political campaign for "None of the Above."

The idea was that all the candidates for that particular election were so distateful that we should vote for 'none of the above.'

A vote for Barack Hussein Obama is a vote for a Marxist, who wants to turn our country into a take from the rich, give to the poor, socialist state, protecting nature but not the unborn, protecting foreign invaders but not our own people, tax and spend, retreat, retreat, appease!!!

John McCain is a bit more of a hawk, and is anti-abortion, but that's about all he has going for him.

What they don't understand is that energy policy and national security are so intertwined. If we had Gerald Ford for president in 1976, rather than Jimmuh Hamas Carter, we might now be energy independent. Instead, we've had a Dhimmicrat congress that somehow thinks it's more important to protect wild animals in a minute part of Alaska than keep our country safe.

Bend over, kiss your ass goodbye.

Fuck it. I'm buying land in Montana and building a self-sustaining compound to keep everyone out.

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