Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dingy Harry shut down by Republicans

In a bold, unprecedented move (by this class of Rinos), the Senate Republicans stopped a bill full of pork-barrel from proceeding through the process yesterday, instead demanding that Congress first act to reduce gasoline prices.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rolled about three dozen bills into a hard-to-resist measure, dubbed it the "Advancing America's Priorities Act" and warned that its defeat would mean society's neediest would have wait until next year for the government's help.
What a great leader! Dingy Harry, so worried about his suffering people, proclaimed

"In the meantime, there will be much suffering and mental distress as a
result of not moving forward on these matters," the Nevada Democrat told his
Republican colleagues.

What about the suffering and mental distress on the entire nation of not being able to afford to drive to work, or worries that the Saudis and Venezuelans are buying up our country? Not a problem.

The article continues:

He predicted election-year consequences.
I agree. There will be "election year consequences," but in the reverse of what Reid is predicting: the Dhimmicrats should be shown the door if they don't do something about high gas prices and our country's security by allowing a vote to remove the ban on ANWR and offshore drilling.

Unfortunately, all the pundits are predicting a Dhimmicrat majority in both houses come fall, leaving the Rinos without enough votes to filibuster (an extreme tactic to prevent the other side from passing legislation).

The consequences could be disastrous for our country for a long time. Remember the lasting effect of the sixties & seventies? We're still paying that bill.

Hold your nose and vote Republican this fall.

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