Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Catholics Against Rudy to launch on Independence Day

H/T to Pro Ecclesia, saw this site linked on his blog:

Some quotes from the soon-to-be-launched site:

On the Fourth of July, 37-year-old Steve Dillard will launch a national web site called . . . .

Dillard, a convert to Catholicism, was also a vocal critic of John Kerry in the 2004 presidential campaign. That's why he's going after Rudy Giuliani, who has had only limited success among Southern evangelicals because of the thrice-married candidate's support of abortion rights, and his statements in favor of civil unions for gay couples. 'We need to tend to our own house. And we need to hold Republicans to the same standard that we did John Kerry,' Dillard said recently. Many social conservatives are worried that a Giuliani victory in the Republican race for the White House would be followed by a decline in the party's emphasis on core issues that have rallied Christian conservatives to the GOP side since the early 1980s. '[Giuliani]is emblematic of a coming — or already existing — rift in the Republican party,' Dillard said."

The Catholic Report: Steve Dillard Formerly Of The Southern Appeal Blog Now Has His Catholics Against Rudy Website Up And Running

Steve was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews and subsequently sent me and other Catholic bloggers an e-mail discussing his strategy and campaign. As I stated in my book, I can't fathom the former NYC mayor winning the GOP nomination and winning the general election, because the Pro Life Movement would bolt. It is very sad that Rudy has so many ledership gifts but just can't seem to translate them to his views on life or his personal relationships. As I indicated here some months ago, one writer on the National Review website said, "hey if he can be that rude to his wife imagine the fear of God he could put into foreign leaders or bureaucrats." This is hardly the direction we need to go right now or at any time."

I was originally gung ho with the idea of Rudy at the helm, based on the way he handled himself after 9-11. Then I discovered his position on abortion (he supports it), gay unions (he supports them), open borders (he supported them as mayor of NYC). He's definitely a RINO, a dhimmicrat in disguise. No, thanks. Rudy and McCain should switch parties and join their real base.

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