Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Video: Retired Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney calls for Kerry’s resignation

From Michelle Malkin's Hot Air:

And then proceeds to impugn his service in Vietnam.

From an active-duty soldier in Karol’s comments section: Is Kerry reffering to all the officers proudly serving over here as well? “Stuck in Iraq” he said, nice. I know first hand that I am not “stuck in Iraq”. I proudly put my boots on everyday for people back home so they can sleep soundly. We get blown up by IED’s/landmines, have mortar attcks, and the snipers are getting good over here. Just about everyday. It pisses me off to hear politicians bad mouth the situation over here. I have lost 4 damn good brothers. 2 in my own arms. People will NEVER understand what we go through everyday! It even makes me sick to my stomach that Kerry and I are considered “shipmates”. God Bless our great nation! Please keep praying for the ones still in harms way thoughout the world! Semper Fi.

CJ points to one nutroots blog as evidence that whatever Kerry might have meant, “[his] base knew exactly what he was saying.”

Of course, the mainstream media are avoiding this story like the plague.

BTW, my mother-in-law told me a joke she heard from someone in Kerry's state:

New Englander: "I'm from M'chusetts."
Texan: "Don't you mean 'Massachusetts?"
New Englander: "No, M'chusetts. We sent the ASS to Washington."

True. True.

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