Thursday, September 14, 2006

Welcome to Connect the Dots 2006

I've recently been alerted to understand the dangers of this disease called islam, awakened to the dangers facing our western society from all quarters. I'm tired of the apologists, I'm tired of the liberal twisting of this 'religion' as the Religion of Peace, I'm tired of not fighting back.

I've recently begun a journey trying to understand islam, understand why these people hate me so much. They don't even know me! Stay tuned for the answers.

How did this journey begin?

I was a political agnostic until about 8-1/2 years ago. I didn't care about politics. I didn't care about abortion. I could care less who won or lost elections. As a matter of fact, I hadn't voted since 1979. As a college student, full of liberal ideas, I couldn't stand the thought of voting for the conservative Ronald Reagan for President, and I saw how ineffective Jimmy Carter was in his first four years. I absolved myself of all responsibility for politics.

About 9 years ago, I found out my wife was pregnant. I distinctly remember two events during the pregnancy that changed my life forever. First: the obligatory visit to the OB/GYN with my wife for her initial checkup. That's when I first heard the heartbeat of my child. Then it all became crystal clear: there's a LIFE in there!

The next event was the actual birth of my daughter. As soon as she popped out, her little eyes opened and shot a loving gaze directly at me -- through the heart, as a matter of fact.

What an eye-opening experience! Now, I feel like an adult. I have responsibility. I have responsibility for another life. That changes everything.

Now, I feel compelled to do what little I can to educate others on the dangers of islam. I'll post seemingly unrelated news, commentary, links, images... connecting the dots for you to understand just how dangerous this so-called 'religion' is to our way of life.

I'll also post info on other issues, related or unrelated.

Stay tuned...

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