Friday, September 15, 2006

The Rifleman Series -- Part One: Starting Out

H/T to Revolutionary War Veterans Weblog. It's from last year, and a bit long, but boy is it ever relevant and worth a read.

Courtesy of Fred's M14 Stocks (, we begin today our series on becoming a Rifleman:

Every new year, it’s time to take stock, and time to make resolutions. To resolve to do important things you need to do.

But how do you know what you need to be doing?

You need an anchor -- a framework, a perspective -- to judge what is happening about you, what you want to accomplish, and the effectiveness of your actions.

If you get back to basics, to what this country is all about - freedom, individual liberty - and look about you today, you'll soon terrify yourself with what you see.

It could be the beginning of your wake-up. Like the guy in "The Matrix", waking up in that artificial womb, controlled by the machines - or like that frog in that rapidly-heating pan of water – you’ll be facing a new world, a world where you realize the wake-up by itself is not enough. You need to get busy if you are going to protect freedom, especially if you’re going to make sure it’s passed on to your kids.

Now is when you can set a goal, something to aim for, to work towards and achieve. Sort of a personal AQT - what the AQT targets and Guide do for your shooting, your firm grounding in the American tradition of liberty can do for your life.

That goal is to strengthen Liberty.

You’ll soon realize that there is a ‘soft’ war raging in America today. You’ll see how the mainstream media lies and distorts – whether it’s the exploding pickup trucks that needed a little "help" from the news crew, the "semi-automatic" rifle fired on full auto to please the anti-gun cable news producers, or the phony memo used by a certain "respected anchorman" last year to try and throw a Presidential election.

If you stand for liberty and the American tradition, you’ll see how everything you stand for is under attack by the liberals, using the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, the "public school" educational system, and arrogant lifetime-tenured judges, along with local, state, and Federal government - when they control it.

Despite their recent electoral setback, the liberals are still in the cultural and political driver’s seat. They have successfully convinced most Americans that the environment is more important than freedom, that it's a fair trade to surrender personal freedoms and rights for a little more security, and that while we are all equal before the law, some people are more equal than others.

Now, in the New Year, with the year barely started, there’s an opportunity for you to add your shoulder to the wheel, to do your part in strengthening American freedom and the American tradition of marksmanship.

Now is the time to think about serious things - about being a citizen, and what it means.

It's actually long past time to become a citizen, rather than a parasite. It's time to stop being someone who sits back and lives off the efforts of the founders while liberals busily undermine this country and its greatness.

It means becoming a man, not that gelding laughed about so much around the dinner table by George III and his boys, as well as their modern statist descendants.

It means that you value freedom over promises of "safety", as Ben Franklin warned you to do.

It means that you recognize the Bill of Rights not as some historical out-of-date tommyrot written by dead white slaveholders, but the firm and unalterable present-day shield of personal liberty against the state. As JPFO says, "What is needed today is a ‘Bill of Rights Culture’" – see

It means that you understand your role in protecting all of the American traditions of personal liberty and responsibility. You know that you, your family, and your friends are the ‘ultimate check-and-balance’ in a system built on checks and balances.

It means that you will provide the sword to defend the shield created by the Bill of Rights.

It means that you recognize that the time to fight is now, in the ‘soft’ war, through the existing political system– and that only fools would choose to wait until the war against tyranny turns ‘hard’.

It means that you understand that the fight is a team fight, that you do not fight alone, that you fight with fellow Americans by your side. You realize that divided amongst ourselves, we will fall, but united, we are unbeatable.

It means that you are willing to work – and work hard – to bring back the days where "a man’s home is his castle", where you are a citizen, not a tax-paying serf.

But as you shake off your slumber, look where we stand in the battle for freedom in this country. Even the concept - the notion - of a battle for freedom is alien to the dumbed-down, barely conscious American public. Don’t forget -- that ‘public’ is your friends, your family, your co-workers. You’ll need persistence and courage to take the message of Liberty to the "sleepers" – count on it.
But the "sleepers" can become part of the solution, if you persist. Their resistance makes all the more important the duty laid on you, in your chosen role of freedom fighter.

How do you start protecting freedom? Step one is to learn to shoot well, to qualify as a Rifleman, so as to become proficient in the means of protection for yourself, your family, and your country. Even more importantly, the skills that you develop in becoming a Rifleman – perseverance, discipline, and patience – will serve you well, both in helping others to become Riflemen and in fighting the ‘soft’ political war.

Next step is to awaken fellow Americans to the dangers posed by the liberals and their plan of creeping socialism. In the ‘soft war’, you’ll need more than just your one vote to make a difference. You’ll need a team of educated voters who know the American traditions of liberty and are willing to work to restore those ideals.

After that, you and your team continue by waking up your politicians and educating them...and if they won't be educated, then work together to replace them.

Liberty. It’s a tradition. You keep it alive only if you pass it along. You need to be thinking about how you do it, not only for yourself, but to make up for all those others who are asleep at the switch. It’s your duty to cover for those who will not help to pass Liberty along to the next generation.

You begin at the personal level. You educate others - your family, friends, co-workers - to wake them up, to get them out of the cooking pan, and into protecting and saving freedom. It’ll be discouraging -- most of them will just look at you and accuse you of being paranoid. Others will scoff and ask you for your tinfoil hat - but that's why you have to wake them up.

Just remember how many good men have died to give you what you have today. Don't give up!
And never last, and never least, you get someone down to the range, shooting.

You’ll bring someone just like you, some who is hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.

Both of you will want get to the range, soon, and finally learn how to shoot.

Learn how to shoot – true and fast -- like an American rifleman.

You can do it.

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