Monday, September 18, 2006

Mr. President, Here are the Answers to the Moonbats

Unlike the Moonbat Dems who don't have a plan on how to handle the global war on terror, I have a plan on how to handle terrorism within the USA:

  1. Build a Fence. We need a secure border, both to the south AND north. Right now, terrorists, drug dealers, and other subversives can easily cross the borders and integrate with our society. Islamic extremists find a welcome home in their local mosques; mexican drug dealers find a welcome home in their local latino gangs.
  2. Stop All Immigration Now. Not just illegal immigration, but a temporary moratorum on all immigration, particularly men from the middle east. Their ranks continue to grow, on both the islamic front and the latino front. They come here to organize their fellow 'innocent' non-citizens in protest marches and hate speech. If they're here for school, send 'em home. If they're here illegally, send 'em back.
  3. Remove any islamic soliders from active duty. Have them swear an oath to protect the United States (actually they DO, when they join the military), and swear they have no ties to islamic jihad. And park them at a desk where they can't do any damage until this is all over.
  4. Remove any islamics from important positions in Washington. This especially includes FBI translators, who are currently subverting our efforts on the GWOT. And it especially includes any islam-lovers, like Carl Rove's buddy Grover Norquist, who's undermining our fight with islamic terrorists by giving them a voice with GW.
  5. Post translators in mosques. Many of the Saudi-funded wahabbi mosques in this country preach the Religion of Peace in English, then switch to their anti-US hate rhetoric in arabic. Let's monitor these guys, or shut down their mosques.
  6. Suspend teaching of Islam in our prison system. We know this ain't gonna happen, but have muslim clerics monitored, have their messages filtered to remove the hate speech. Prisons are one of the most dangerous breeding grounds for domestic islamic terrorists. [Or, we could just move all of them voluntarily to Gitmo!]
  7. Round 'Em Up. Temporarily suspend the civil rights of anyone professing to islam, put them in camps if necessary. Better yet, use them as laborers to build the fence. Cut off their phone privileges, don't allow them any contact outside the country. Make it illegal for them to purchase, use or own cell phones.

These measures may seem a little extreme, but we're fighting for the survival of our very culture.

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