Saturday, September 04, 2010

Runaway Slave

I have been frustrated by blacks for a number of years. For the longest time, I've been self-convinced I'm a racist because of my views on American blacks. I've just had a revelation today -- I've been frustrated because of their behavior -- and it's not entirely their fault. It's the fault of a runaway liberal machine, The Great Society of LBJ. Immense increases in welfare during the Johnson administration broke apart the black family in America, resulting in 75% of blacks born to single family households, the prisons filled with black men, and of course, massive amounts of black babies being killed in the womb (abortion, for those of you in Rio Linda).

Now comes a documentary about blacks, about how some are starting to see the light, to come to the Conservative side. I've just seen a teaser of clips from 'Runaway Slave' a documentary made by Conservative blacks. Watch and learn:

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